How to Wear Designer Labels with Affordable Pieces

Shopping designer labels can be inspiring but likely to put stress on your budget. So, to keep everything economical and fashionable at the same time, you must learn how to mix high fashion pieces with lower end items that complement each other and add a bit of individuality to your designer look. However, mixing a range of designer pieces with less expensive items may be tricky as a wrong piece may lessen the value of your designer item. To make the stylish trick work for you, keep on reading to get some clues from fashion icons and street style stars.

Start by wearing a designer bag or shoes that will dress up your less expensive outfits.

designer bag with casual chic outfit

structured bag with office outfit doctors bag with casual outfit

Instead of splurging with a designer dress or sweater that may look obvious due to their unique style, think of getting at least a pair of designer shoes or bag that can dress up any outfits you’re going to wear. Whether it’s a clutch or a structured shoulder bag, make sure it can be functional and versatile enough to team with your work and play outfits before buying them. This way, you’re going to make use of them most of the time, therefore you’ll get more than what you paid for.

Top your less expensive outfits with a designer blazer.

chic outfit with black blazer printed blazer with casual outfit and fringed bag military blazer with chic outfit

Whether you’re a fan of tee and jeans combination or a business suit office look, blazers can add some polish to your looks, especially if it’s a designer one. However, think of the versatility of your blazer before buying them, as outlandish, exaggerated, and avant-garde details may not be appropriate for the office. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, pick a printed blazer that will go well with your office outfit and favorite pair of jeans while making it flatter your fashion personality.

Team your fashionable high-end pieces with your basic items.

designer top with miniskirt trench vest with lace blouse and silk pants floral dress with turtleneck and boots

Going for designer separates than designer dresses are ideal as you can always wear them with your most basic pieces. Just in case you have a designer dress, make the most out of it by wearing them as layers in the colder season just like wearing a sweater or blazer with them. If you have a casual designer piece like a sweater, think of wearing them with your casual jeans as well as chic skirts that will maximize its use, while keeping your style designer-inspired.

Go for a monochromatic dressing.

black outfit with structured blazer statement top with white pants fur boots with vest and turtleneck

A timeless way of looking elegant, a monochromatic dressing can be great to trick the eyes so no else would know that you’re wearing less expensive item with your designer piece. However, keep everything sleek and balanced so you won’t end up looking sloppy and won’t make your designer piece look cheap.

Wear statement jewelry to tie your pieces together.

jewelled necklace with floral skirt and white top statement necklace with jumpsuit and trench coat statement earrings with sheer top and blazer

A statement necklace or haute couture earrings can add some flair to your outfits while making it look more glamorous and polished. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, think of going for jewel toned necklace that echoes the luxurious vibe of gemstones over neon ones.

Always think of picking statement pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways when you shop with a designer budget and mix your look up with some lower end items to really create an individual style. By doing this, you won’t end up looking like a copycat off the runway.

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