How to Wear Anklets and Bracelets

Anklets and bracelets are great addition to your wardrobe for getting a more fashion-forward style. Anklets can be of different designs, made out of various materials like gold, silver, leather, plastic, nylon, beads, and even shells that can make your outfit chic. Maybe you’ve got some ideas on how to pick the perfect bracelet for your outfit, but anklets are a bit tricky to wear. So, keep reading for our style guidelines.

anklet with pink skirt and white top

gold bracelet with cobalt blue sweater gold bracelet with lace top and white skirt gold bracelet with striped top and chic shorts gold cuff with gold pumps and chic outfit red lace dress with blazer

Anklets should be worn with a mini skirt or short dress, with casual shorts, or leggings or even with cuffed jeans to bare the ankle zone of your foot. If your feet are thin and slender, opt for thin metallic anklets like gold or silver that look glamorous in a sophisticated outfit. Golden anklets commonly happen designed as a single thin chain or a two-layered one. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, go for a simple, thin gold anklet to complement your feminine outfit and a pair of classic pumps to give you a taller frame. Skip those bold and flashy shades of your outfit to avoid taking the attention away from your anklet. Also, thin gold bracelet or even a metallic cuff can be enough if you wish for a simple but glamorous statement.

floral bracelet with sheer dress baseball cap and leather gold bracelet with black outfit gold bracelet with green top and yellow jeans leather and silver bracelet with casual chic outfit leather bracelet with orange clutch and tweed outfit metallic gold shorts with sleek blazer

If you wish for a feminine look, go for floral styles of bracelets or anklets that look perfect with your outfit. Kristina Bazan creatively wore a metallic and floral bracelet that adds some feminine vibe to her edgy statement jacket and neon yellow jeans. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of a “tough girl” look, go for leather anklets or bracelets. Leather bracelets with metallic trims can be a great option to look edgy while keeping your glamorous vibe. Like Kristina Bazan, think of matching your leather bracelet with the color of your clutch to make it look coordinating, as well as with the details of your outfit, whether it has studs, spikes, gold trims and such.

all black outfit with blue scarf cobalt blue dress with beaded bracelet turban with colorful bracelet beaded anklet with structured vest

You may run into both monochromatic and iridescent beaded anklets and bracelets that every bohemian girl is looking for. Beaded chains can be matched with either sandals or beach-worthy flip-flops. Whether you give your preference to a charm beads or birth stones, anklets and bracelets will become that very stroke to emphasize your individuality. You may even think of pairing the color of your bracelet with the color of your dress like Kristina Bazan did making your accessories more flattering for your look.

chain bracelet with chic outfit and hat edgy-outfit-with-metallic-accessories military chic outfit with bracelets urban-outfit-with-metallic-accessories statement cuff with fishnet top and skirt

For a more statement-making look, go for chunky bracelets and anklets, or even go for layered jewelry style like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did. Mixing gold with silver had been a fashion faux pas but now a fashion-forward trick that you may dare to wear. Silver anklets are more casual, with some touches of bohemian spirit that you may go for if you wish for a carefree look. Indeed, anklets and bracelets are great for giving some glamorous and edgy touches on our typical outfits.

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