How to Wear a Miniskirt in Winter

A miniskirt isn’t something you would consider a cold weather staple but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one when the temps start to drop. Wearing a miniskirt in winter takes guts. You have to be really passionate for fashion to sacrifice your comfort for style. Or not. If you know how to incorporate comfort with style, you’re well on your way to wearing that mini skirt for the coming season. If not, don’t worry because we’ve got style tips for you on how to wear a miniskirt in winter. Read below and check them out.

  • LAYER WITH TIGHTS – layered looks are hot and on trend for cold seasons anyway so take advantage of that and layer your miniskirts with thick and opaque tights to keep your legs warm and comfy while you brave the cold winter weather outdoors. If you have a rather plain and simple outfit, go for colorful or printed tights to give your outfit more zing. If you already have a bold look going, on the other hand, you can tone it down with a pair of plain and simple black tights.

printed miniskirt and tights outfit

front zip miniskirt and tights opaque tights and miniskirt denim mini skirt and tights black tights and miniskirt outfit

  • TRY A BLAZER AND MINISKIRT COMBO – add a blazer to your miniskirt ensemble to add more warmth to it and give it a more posh and polished look. If you’re trying to channel a school girl look, this is the perfect combo for you. Just pick out a matching blazer and miniskirt set if you have one and you’re good to go. Otherwise, you can just go ahead and mix and match blazers and miniskirts to come up with a cute pairing.

blazer and miniskirt outfit checkered blazer and miniskirt combo long black blazer outfit tux style blazer and miniskirt animal print miniskirt with blazer and boots

  • WEAR IT WITH OTK BOOTS – ‘OTK’ or over-the-knee boots always give any outfit that extra hint of the sexy vibe so if you’re looking for ways to make your look more interesting or if you simply want to really keep your legs warm and dry and not have them exposed when you go out, go ahead and slip into that pair of OTK boots and seize the day. Try leather or lace up ones for a flirty kick or maybe a suede pair for a more comfy and casual look.

winter miniskirt outfit with otk over the knee boots outfit over the knee flat boots frumpy otk boots and miniskirt brow over the knee boots

  • GET HEAVY WITH YOUR TOP – wearing a miniskirt, you get a really basic bottom silhouette (and a rather slim one, too) and this is the perfect excuse to wear anything and everything you feel like wearing on top, even if it gets a little chunky and heavy. In fact, getting heavy on the top will give you a nicely balanced overall silhouette so don’t be afraid to chuck the cable knit jumper on or wrap yourself up in that gorgeously oversized scarf.

cable knit sweater and miniskirt turtleneck knit sweater top heavy outfit chunky sweater and gray miniskirt gorgeous bright knit and miniskirt

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