How to Style Your Sleeveless Jacket

One of the most iconic signature pieces, sleeveless jacket is undeniably chic but quite difficult to style. It resembles the edgy and cozy feel of the typical jacket but alters the look in a creative and edgy feel. So, whether you’re seeking some fresh twist to your street style or want to bring your daytime look up to trend, keep on reading for our fashion tips on how to style your sleeveless jacket.

denim vest with denim shorts

sleeveless jacker with casual outfit sleeveless jacket with casual chic outfit sleeveless jacket with tank top and jeans

If you’re not a fan of an exposed arm, you may layer your sleeveless denim jacket over a crisp white tee and pair it with denim shorts giving some appreciation on denim-on-denim style. If you’re already wearing a chambray shirt or button-down shirt in denim-resembling color, just go for a sleeveless wool jacket instead of a denim one to revamp your street looks without looking overdone. Sleeveless jackets are great staples to dress up or dress down your typical casual looks. Just go for fabrics like denim or cotton for a more casual feel, and silk, velvet, fur, or even satin for a casual chic look.

sleeveless fur jacket with leather trousers sleeveless-jacket-with-edgy-outfit sleeveless jacket with leather shorts

Leather ensembles scream edgy and sleeveless jackets add to the edginess of it. Instead of just going out with a graphic tee and leather shorts combination, why not don a sleeveless jacket to add some spice to your looks. There are leather moto vests or biker sleeveless jackets in black and dark colors you may go for that’s perfectly suited to your edgy looks. If you feel leather on leather is too much, then pair your graphic tee and leather trousers with a denim or fur sleeveless jacket giving a great contrast to your leather ensemble. Just polish your looks with combat boots, spiked heels, studded boots, and even sneakers.

sleeveless jacket with collar dress sleeveless jacket with crop top and skirt sleeveless jacket with neon dress sleeveless jacket with boho dress sleeveless jacket with chiffon dress

Feminine and flirty outfits can also be dressed up or dressed down by a sleeveless jacket. A crop top and skirt combination are already dressy, but adding a structured vest will give some polished feel while topping a studded sleeveless jacket will give some edgy feel to your overall outfit. If you feel your white chiffon dress feels so angelic for a casual setting, opt for an edgy sleeveless jacket to make them a bit casual. If donning a neon-colored dress seems blinding for you, go for a dark-colored sleeveless jacket to tame the wild shade. This way, you’re making your dressy outfits suit the atmosphere of the setting without making you feel understated or overdressed.

chic outfit with vest gray-vest-top-with-dress-pants sleeveless-jacket-with-black-pants

If you think sleeveless jackets are intended for layering your already-polished outfits, think again. There are famous fashion bloggers donning this ensemble as their top alone, worn with chic bottoms. For instance, you may copy Annabelle Fleur’s of wearing a chic sleeveless jacket with a tube top and a chic pencil skirt, or Micah Gianneli’s style wearing her wrap sleeveless jacket with dressy culottes. Whether outerwear or a statement top, a sleeveless jacket creates incredibly stylish looks.

sleeveless jacket with maxi dress pink vest with layered outfit monochrome outfit with pumps

Sleeveless jackets can be worn with multiple layers as their sleeveless style makes them layering-appropriate without adding much bulk to the outfit. For instance, fashion blogger Blair Eadie topped her looks with a pastel pink sleeveless jacket while wearing a sleeveless button-down shirt and waistcoat with dressy pants. Again, the result is incredibly fashionable and statement-making.



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