How to Style Your Cuffed or Rolled Pants

Though we can appreciate a good pair of wide-leg pants and skinny jeans, rolled or cuffed pants cut the leg line at an unflattering length shortening your silhouette. Looking for stylish ways to lengthen your leg line and balance out the effect of the cuffs? Keep on reading for styling tricks on wearing your cuffed or rolled pants.

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Originally, cuffing pants started when avoiding getting mud splashed on them when roads were still unpaved. Also, cuffs add weight to the bottom of the leg to help the drape of the trousers that make them look more stylish. But if you cuff a billowing cut, there’s no way you’ll look put-together. So, for starters, go for pants with a slim or skinny fit. Pinch in the excess fabric along the seam, then fold up your hem and keep the width tapered as they are too horizontally cutting. If you take your time to keep the silhouette sleek instead of making a sloppy roll, it reduces the horizontal line of the cuff and is a neater look than you think.

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When wearing boyfriend jeans, keep the cuffs fall at the ankle or above the widest part of the calf. As the in-between length results to a dumpy silhouette. With boyfriend jeans, feel free to experiment with a thicker cuff as it complements the fit of your pants. Feel free to create your casual chic looks by pairing your cuffed denim jeans with a coat, button-down shirt, blazer, cardigan, suit and such.

black ripped jeans with button down shirt boyfriend jeans with black top boyfriend jeans with suit skinny jeans with loose top

To avoid shortening your leg line, choose a low contrast cuff color that elongates the leg line. Usually, dark stone washed jeans have high contrast cuffs whereas light stone washes and pants create low contrast cuffs. An extra-wide cuff works well with pants that are the same color both inside and outside the leg. But, if there’s too much contrast between the inner leg and out, you might look a bit stumpy with a long cuff.

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A defined waist elongates your leg line above the crotch point. So be creative on your style whether adding a belt to cinch your waist, wearing an empire style tops, tucking your top in, or even wearing high-waist pants to extend the leg even further. Also, wearing outerwear like a leather jacket, denim vest, coat, bomber jacket, biker jacket and trench coat to create side panels visually slimming down your stomach area is a great trick.

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When deciding for your footwear, choose a subtle contrast color or close to the color of your skin tone to visually extends the length of your leg. Unless you have super long slim legs, it’s preferable to wear high heels to balance out the shortening effect of the horizontal cuff and the untamed length of cropped pants.










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