How to Spice Up Your Usual Wardrobe Basics

I always say that investing in wardrobe basics is something you can’t ever go wrong with because you just know they’ll be put to good use, no matter what. Sometimes, though, the basics can be boring. If you’re someone who tends to get tired of your everyday looks quite quickly, don’t worry. We’ll show you tips and tricks on how to spice up your usual wardrobe basics so that you’ll never have to worry about having a boring outfit ever again. Read on below.

  • TRY OUT COLORED JEANS – while those blue jeans make a great wardrobe staple all year round, they can be a little too plain sometimes so why not try wearing colored jeans instead? Colored jeans can liven up any look instantly and you can wear them any time you feel like you could use a pop of color in your look. You don’t have to splurge on a new pair if you’re on a tight budget as you can always DIY a pair using old jeans and some dye.

yellow jeans and white shirt

green jeans outfit colored jeans maroon

  • GIVE YOUR WHITE BUTTON DOWN A TWIST – there’s a lot that you can do with a plain white button down shirt which is why it’s something that no girl should ever be without. Usually, you’d wear this tucked into your jeans, slip into heels and call it a day but if you’re feeling a little more creative, why not try layering it with a crop top or wearing it as a dress (granted that it’s long enough)? You can also give it a more rugged feel instead of going for the clean and crisp look by leaving a few buttons undone, scrunching up the sleeves or knotting it up. Want to buy a new white button down? Go for a sheer one! It’ll give you a nice, sexy but still classy look.

crop top and white shirt sheer and undone white top oversized white button down white shirt selena gomez

  • LEND YOUR STRIPED TOP SOME SASS – another wardrobe basic staple that tends to get boring overtime is a striped top. To give it more personality, try mixing and matching your striped top with other prints for layering.

floral dress and striped top striped and flowers animal print and stripes

  • DENIM TOP DO-OVER – so you’ve been wearing that denim top with white pants all summer long, huh? Cute, but that’s too mainstream. Do your style over and give your denim top a new look by creating a double denim outfit. It doesn’t have to be from head to toe if you find that too overwhelming. Instead, try a denim vest over your denim top or a denim jacket on top of a chambray shirt. If you want to go all out, try wearing your denim top under denim overalls for a warm, unique and chic look.

double denim classic double denim with overalls girly double denim

  • LBD LIBERTY – set your LBD free from the usual look: slinky heels, fancy jewelry, posh hair. Instead, try giving it a more street style cred by wearing it sneakers or throwing a denim jacket or a parka on top of it. You could also try wearing it with OTK boots to unleash your inner Pretty Woman.

lbd and chambray lbd and converse lbd coat and otk boots

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