How to Smarten Up Your Casual Clothes

Whether you’re a woman who’s really laidback, or one who hates dressing up, casual clothes may sound appealing for you. Casual doesn’t mean sloppy as you can always look smart with your casual clothes as long as you know how to style them strategically. So, keep on reading for our styling tricks to smarten up your casual clothes.

Look for softly structured toppers in more casual styles to give you a tailored shape.


casual-tee-and-cut-off-shorts-withh-sailor-blazer sailor-blazer-with-casual-outfit

Structured blazers and coats can smarten up your casual outfits instantly. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, think of adding some flair to your black tee and denim shorts with a structured blazer teamed with boots which will make your fall style effortlessly chic. Sailor blazers, band jackets, and embellished toppers are also great for adding some statement to your casual looks. Just go for sleek, streamlined, and polished styles to keep your outfits chic.

Resort to ballet flats and wedges over sneakers.

chic-blazer-with-denim-shorts-and-cap-toe-ballet-flats frayed-denim-dress-with-ballet-flats-and-chic-baglemon-print-pants-with-wedges-sandals

Ballet flats or more refine bowling styles shoes are great options instead of sneakers. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, make your casual denim shorts smart with a pair of cap-toe ballet flats and a sleek blazer. If you find ballet flats unappealing for your petite frame, resort to wedge sandals which can still be comfortable yet offer you some height. Like fashion blogger Darya Kamalova, go for ones that will be versatile and chic, especially when your closet is full of casual clothes. Flat mules, closed-toe sandals, peep-toe flats are more elegant over flip-flops and sneakers.

Keep your casual clothes in good condition.

geometric-print-dress-with-espadrillesombre-shirtdress-with-beltprinted jeans with chambray shirt and wedge pumps

When your clothes get saggy, baggy, or worn out, no matter what you put with them you will lose your stylish edge. Unless you’re aiming for distressed jeans and oversized sweaters that look a bit trendy yet not so smart, always keep your casual clothes in good condition. When caring for your clothes, avoid too much tumble drying as it will kill the spandex in yoga pants and t-shirts. Remember, when these garments start looking older, they need to be replaced.  Fit and form are always more flattering than baggy, shrunk, and faded.

Team your casual pieces with chic ensembles.

fur-skirt-with-white-top casual-chic-outfit-with-ankle-strap-sandalsdenim-shorts-and-polka-dots-top-with-boots

If you got more casual pieces in your closet, dress them up with chic ensembles. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, dress up your dark denim shorts with a sexy polka dots top and tall boots that will refresh your look instantly. Also, think of fur skirts, sequin tops, structured blazers, metallic belts, structured bag, classic pumps and such ensembles that will make your casual pieces smarter. Indeed, casual clothes are great for keeping your style effortless and cool, but they can also make your dressy outfits appropriate for your every day looks.

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