How to Organize Your Handbags and Purses

As women, one of our weaknesses is pretty handbags and purses. There’s just something about bags that we can’t resist, designer label or not. For the true handbag addicts out there, I bet you have at least one bag you consider your prized possession – something you take extra good care of and use only on very special occasions. Of course, when we buy handbags, we want them to last us a good amount of time so taking care of them and storing them properly is a must. If you love collecting pretty bags as much as I do, check out these tips on how to organize your handbags and purses to get ideas on how you can store away your bags properly when not in use.

  • Keep them in a separate cabinet – if you have the luxury of space in your home and you have plenty of bags that need to be stored and organized, you should definitely consider getting a separate cabinet just for your bags. Get a cabinet that has plenty of shelf space in it rather than drawers because most bags are better off stored as they are and not folded or rolled so they can keep their shape. Having all your bags in one cabinet is just much more convenient and neat because, let’s admit it, they can be an eyesore no matter how pretty they are when they’re just aimlessly lying around everywhere.

handbags solo cabinet

cabinet for bags purse cabinet storage idea

  • Put them up on display shelves – if you’re really good at taking care of your handbags and purses, chances are that most of them, if not all, are still in excellent condition and still look brand new so take the opportunity to display them up on shelves in your room or your closet and just let them sit there pretty. This is a great idea if you’re more of a visual person who likes to see all of your options every time.

glass shelves for purses purses on display

  • Over the door storage – if there’s one As Seen on TV item that actually works, it’s the over the door storage. It’s easy to install, fits on most doors and it takes so little space yet it holds lots of your purses and since it comes with hooks, you can put any kind of bag on there.

over the door organizer strap and hook bag organizer

  • Hang them up on rods – most closets will have lots of rods for you to hang your clothes on to but you can also use those for you bags. Use rod clips, shower ring clips or just hangers and hook your bag up for easy organizing and storage. If you have tall closets and you have empty space underneath or above your clothes, you can simply insert an extra rod there to hang your bags.

closet rod for purses purses hung on rod

  • Hanging organizer – another cheap yet effective way to organize your bags is to use hanging organizers. The only downside to these kinds of organizers is that they can’t accommodate bigger handbags and purses.

hanging bag holder hanging organizer

  • Use a shoe rack – just because they’re called shoe rack doesn’t mean they have to used solely for shoes. If you have a problem with organizing your purses and handbags and you want something easy, accessible and cheap for storage and organization, you can keep your bags on shoe racks instead.

shoe rack for handbags clever purse organization


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