How to Make Your Minimalist Style More Creative This Fall with Jessica Stein

Minimalist style is one of the timeless and elegant looks you may go for, but if you find it boring, you might need some creative inspiration to refresh them this fall season. Mind behind the Tuula Vintage blog, Jessica Stein is an Australian style blogger known for her minimalist or “less is more” approach to her style, but this fall, she made it more creative and expressive. Keep on reading for stylish tricks to make your minimalist style more creative this fall.

You can definitely stick to neutral shades but add some textures to give a creative look.

black and white outfit with classic pumps

sexy black lace dress with leather jacket black top with ripped jeans

If your wardrobe consists of mostly black, white, grays, and other neutrals, just add some texture to your style to give a creative vibe. You might swap your pair of skinny jeans with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans while keeping your top simple and neat like Jessica did. Or, opt for a lace dress that’s touch-enticing over a plain black silk dress. This way, you’ll stay comfortable in your neutral palette while keeping everything creative and chic.

Don’t be afraid of colors while keeping your clean lines and streamlined silhouette.

peplum skirt with printed top and blue clutch structured blazer with cobalt blue sweater and boxy pants red hat with white romper and black boots

Minimalist style may be known for neutral hues, but injecting color can also be great to add some creativity to your style. However, keep your clean lines and neat silhouette like Jessica did, to make your style look minimalist at the same time. Like Jessica, you may start by topping your minimalist outfit with a bold red hat, or opt for a bold colored blazer that will go well with your polished layers this fall season.

Add some architectural structure to your minimalist style.

geometric sandals with classic striped shirt and coated trousers structured top with skirt peplum top with lace skirt and red sandals

Clean lines and streamlined silhouettes are the trademarks of minimalist fashion, but you can still update your look this fall season by incorporating architectural structure that looks modern and fashion-forward. Like Jessica, you may start with a pair of geometric-inspired sandals or boots that can spice up your black pants and striped shirt. Or, go monochromatic in a red outfit consist of a peplum top and a lace skirt teamed with geometric shoes. You may simply add some architectural touch to your neckline and hemline while keeping your colors neutral and muted.

Wear more expressive and creative prints.

polka dots dress with biker ciat and over the knee boots plaid coat with all white outfit and red shoes leopard print dress with over the knee boots

Breton stripes, checks, and such are some of the common prints minimalist women wear. But to refresh your style this fall, think of polka dots, plaids, or even leopard prints that will make your minimalist style more creative and expressive. Like Jessica, you may opt for a polka dots dress, but balance it with a black coat and structured boots. Or, update your classic prints by wearing them in colors like a red gingham coat worn with an all-white outfit and red pumps like Jessica did. By heeding these tricks, wearing a minimalist style will never be plain and boring to you.

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