How to Make Leggings Look Chic and Not Cheap

Leggings have gotten a bad rep over the past few years and many have sworn to never wearing them again because they think leggings make an outfit look cheap but I think that leggings can actually look great as long as you have the right pair and the right pieces to wear it with. Often, leggings look cheap when they’re worn as an alternative to pants and they’re too sheer. Investing in a pair of high quality leggings is the first step to making leggings look great. Here are some other tips on how to make leggings look chic and not cheap.

  • INVEST IN A GOOD PAIR – as mentioned earlier, investing in a pair of high quality leggings is the first step to making them look chic. A thick pair of leggings may cost more but they’re definitely last you way longer.

thick leggings outfit

thick zebra print leggings

  • WEAR THEM IN COLOR – another way to make leggings look more chic is to wear them in different colors. Not only does this take away the cheap look of leggings but it also brightens up and livens up your look. Colored leggings are great if you want to add a splash of color to your look to keep it from looking dull and boring.

colorful galaxy leggings

  • CHOOSE LUXE FABRICS – as stated earlier, sometimes it’s the sheerness of the leggings that make it look cheap. One good way to avoid this is to opt for luxe fabrics for your leggings. Leather has always been a favorite when it comes to fabrics for leggings because they add a posh and ritzy look and feel to the rather basic everyday piece. You can also go for high quality cotton or spandex for maximum comfort and coverage.

luxe leather and lace luxe leather leggings

  • ADD STRUCTURE TO YOUR LOOK – whether it’s a peplum top or a structured handbag – having that bit of structure incorporated to your look while wearing leggings can tremendously help in making them look chic and not cheap. Structure adds an air of sophistication ot an outfit and takes away a lot of the cheap vibe.

structured top and leggings structure and geometric prints with leggings

  • KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR SPECIAL DETAILS – having a little something on your leggings can make them look instantly dressier. It could be shiny gold hardware, some cute zippers by the hem, dainty lace trimmings or anything else that will set it apart from the generic leggings you would usually find everywhere. It doesn’t have to be big and bold to make a difference so don’t worry about having to make a statement with them.

details on leggings zipper detailed leggings

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