How to Look Fabulous in Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are deemed as the ultimate comfort pants but wearing them outside the house has long been considered a fashion faux pas. Until recently, that is. With more style stars and celebrities being seen wearing yoga pants as part of their everyday street style and off duty ensembles, this comfy piece of clothing has been a part of many girls’ favorites and it can be your favorite, too. Here are some tips on how to look completely fabulous in yoga pants.cute outfit matching top and yoga pants

athletic but cute outfit with yoga pants lilly collins in yoga pants

    1. Work out – okay, this isn’t much of a fashion advice as it is a lifestyle one but working out tones your legs and your behind which, in turn, will make your yoga pants fit better and look better on you.athletic outfit
    2. Choose an opaque pair – if you’re planning on wearing your yoga pants as an alternative to your everyday bottoms, make sure they’re opaque enough not to thin out when stretched and worn. This will not only help you wear your outfit confidently but will also make your look more decent as well.denim jacket and yoga pants
    3. Pair yoga pants with longer tops – sometimes, even your yoga pants are opaque, they still tend to cling on to places where they shouldn’t so pairing them up with longer tops is a must. It also creates a more pleasing look, too, that you can wear every single day.

cute sporty outfit

  • long top flip flops and yoga pants
  • Create an athletic look – if you want an outfit that won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard, creating an athletic look is the best way to go. On colder days, pair up your yoga pants with a sporty jacket and on warmer days, try a tank top or a crop top.sporty look
  • Dress it up – if you’re considering going from bikram to brunch in your yoga pants but you don’t want to seem like the girl who just doesn’t give a hoot about how she looks, dress up your yoga pants. Wear a nice coat over it or maybe even a cute little leather jacket to make it look like you’re going for the athleisure look.dressy jacket and yoga pants
  • Accessorize – nothing dresses up yoga pants more than accessories. If you’re planning on wearing your yoga pants like regular pants, make sure you throw in an accessory or two to your look.dressy outfit yoga pants selena gomez
  • Wear neutral colors – galaxy print, tie dye, psychedelic color patterns – these are all cool yoga pants colors and designs for when you’re going to the gym and you want to inject a fun vibe to your look. For everyday looks, though, these may not be the best idea. When wearing yoga pants as regular pants for everyday outfits, choose neutral colors instead.


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