How to Look Fabulous – Even on Rainy Days

If you live in the world’s rainiest cities, such as Smithport in the United States and Crohamhurst in Australia, then you know how the deluge can bring your fashion spirits down. Don’t let the trickle stop you from being stylish! Here are some tips that can help you look fashionable – even on torrential days.

A Trench Coat is Essential

When you live in a rainy city, it is but important to invest in a good trench coat. While it can be quite expensive, it can keep you stylish and dry. Tip: Buy trench coats during the summer seasons, when these rain-protective outfits are at rock bottom prices.

cream trench coat

white trench coat

Mind the Materials

Even you have a trench coat in tow, you can’t be careless when selecting the items that should go underneath. Avoid clothes or shoes made of suede or non-waterproofed leather – or else you will end as wet as a duckling.

rainy day attire in londonrainy day umbrella

When it comes to shoes, go with those made from plastic, PVC or treated leather.

blue trench coat and rain boots

Be Waterproof

Unless you want to be fully soaked on the way to work, you have got to deck yourself in a waterproof jacket. You don’t necessarily have to buy watertight clothing, as you can make them impermeable with the use of a waterproof spray/wash-in.

trench coat and pants taylor swift rainy day outfit

Embrace the Rain(Boots)

If it is drizzling outside, then make sure to cover your feet in cute rain boots. Often made of plastic, these charming shoes can keep your feet dry – and stylish. While plain or neutral-colored rain boots are widely available, it would not hurt to hit the streets in vibrant or patterned shoes.

gray rainbootspink rainboots

Get an Umbrella

Unpredictable winds can get you wet – even if you are decked in waterproof clothing. Prevent this from ever happening by readying a good umbrella. Make your look for stylish by choosing printed or transparent umbrellas. Tip: Drop by the kids’ section to get your hands on one (or two) cute umbrellas.

printed umbrella checkered umbrella

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