How to Look Chic in Your Casual Basics with Johanna Olsson

It might be easy to get an effortlessly cool style by means of wearing tee, jeans, and sneakers. However, looking chic with your casual basics can be challenging. Johanna Emma Olsson is a fashion blogger based in Stockholm, Sweden known for her chic style wearing most of her casual basics of tee, jeans, jacket, and coats. If your closet is full of basics and you feel being left behind by more fashionable women, keep on reading for Johanna’s tricks.

Opt for a perfect fit and keep a great proportion.

oversized sweater with asymmetric skirt

sweater with miniskirt and asymmetric boots pink fur coat with leather leggings and white tee

Regardless how cheap or expensive your clothes are, if they don’t fit you well then it won’t look great. So, always opt for a flattering fit so you’ll bring out your natural assets strategically. If ever you wish to wear an oversized sweater just to look trendy, balance it with a form-fitting and structured skirt like Johanna did, making everything look polished and chic. If you wish to wear a bulky top like a fur jacket, balance it with a pair of leather trousers that will show off your sexy curves naturally.

Go for monochromatic dressing.

ripped shorts with navy shirt and coat all gray casual outfit all brown outfit with leggings

The easiest way to look classy and chic is to go for a monochromatic dressing. Instead of teaming your ripped denim jeans with a white top, think of matching it with a blue button-down shirt and perhaps a navy coat to add some sleekness to your casual outfit. Also, you may go for a dark gray pair of jeans teamed with a light gray tee and boot like Johanna did, making everything cohesive yet effortlessly chic.

Add some polish with a chic blazer, cape, or coat.

classy black cape with sweater and jeans structured navy coat with striped tee and white jeans leather trousers with chic white blazer

If you’re a tee and jeans type of girl, think of adding some flair to your style with a blazer, cape, or coat. Like Johanna, think of wearing a structured navy coat with your casual striped top and white jeans, or a black cape with your gray sweater and black skinny jeans. This way, you’ll make everything look dressy and chic even you’re just wearing the most basic items in your wardrobe.

Dress up your casual outfit with an expensive-looking bag and shoes.

leopard print bag with casual outfit designer bag with casual outfit designer bag with bomber jacket and leather leggings

If you’re not a fan of wearing toppers, bring the sleek look to your casual style with an expensive looking bag and shoes. If you have an eye for designer bags and your budget allows it, go for it. Like Johanna, a gray top teamed with khaki pants can be dressed up with a classy designer bag. If you don’t have a designer handbag, simply go for a classy color in a structured style to add some polish to your casual outfits. By heeding these tricks from Johanna, you’ll be able to look chic in your casual basics.

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