How to Look Chic in a Conservative Workplace

As a professional woman, you have to swim upstream to be successful and looking polished and professional will make a huge difference in your image at the same time help you to be taken seriously at your workplace. Though there’s no hard and fast set of rules that apply across all professions, it’s important to be thoughtful in evaluating your own workplace environment to determine what is appropriate for you.

double breasted coat with classic pants

pencil skirt with blazer printed blazer with classic pants strapless dress with sleek blazerwomen's suit with lace up heels

In a conservative workplace, modest styles of clothing and a good fit are crucial. Conservative and modest styles must be observed so mini skirts, plunging necklines, and even sleeveless pieces are out of the equation. Keep your skirt lengths no shorter than just above the knee and sleeveless tops and dresses are only acceptable when they are covered with layering pieces. You may give some twist on your traditional women’s suit by pairing them with dressy jumpsuits, dresses, straight leg pants, and even chic tank tops. Decent print blazers and suits are great too as long as they won’t look too busy or too flashy.

button down shirt with flared skirt mint green blouse with pencil skirt polka dots blouse with pencil skirt white blouse with dressy pants

You may mix up colors and fabrics to keep your look from feeling cookie-cutter corporate just keep them formal and beautifully constructed. You may add some texture to your outfit by wearing silk or chiffon scarves, leather belts, and even contrasting fabrics of your ensembles. Think of silk, satin, wool, cotton, and even linen that you may take advantage of to avoid looking plain and monotonous. When it comes to conservative style at work, always remember that less is more and the less should be of good quality.

lace skirt with white blouse pleated skirt with white blouse striped skirt with striped blazer tartan print skirt with white blouse

For your skirts, you may also keep an eye on modern silhouettes like a high waist full skirt or a tailored skirt that hits at mid-calf, not at the knees. Wearing prints and patterns are totally fine but leave the wild florals and abstracts at home and try to find patterns that are small and organized like checks, stripes, plaids, tartans, polka dots, and even chevron. You may mix some prints in a subtle way like teaming same prints in different shades or teaming different prints in the same shade to avoid looking overdone.

pastel blue dress elegant black dress striped dress with blazer

Dresses in conservative styles are a great option too. Just skip dress styles with form-hugging silhouettes, daring necklines, cut-out designs, busy prints, flashy colors and such. If you dress seem too revealing on top, you may layer a coat or blazer to keep it chic-work appropriate. A basic sheath dresses can get really boring if they aren’t accessorized or styled in a way that is interesting so be creative spicing up your looks with jewelry, sunglasses, structured bags, belts, and shoes. Remember, accessories are always a safe bet that can add instant interest to an outfit while still maintaining a professional style.

pussy bow blouse with coat classic black and white outfit

You may use the art of layering when creating a conservative look like wearing a coat, blazer, blouse, and a pencil skirt together in an outfit. You may still sport some prints but keep them tamed and muted and remember that prints can swamp or widen your figure too. You may opt for neutrals or slightly “off” shades to feel fresh without being out of bounds. Also, monochrome look creates an impression that can make you look taller and is much more interesting than the traditional suit-and-pants outfit.

A conservative fashion is timeless and never goes out of style. So, working in a conservative workplace is your ideal excuse to invest in a wardrobe full of elegant classics. It’s time to revamp your traditional office outfit into a stylish, fabulous, and classic style in a professional and creative way.



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