How to Look Best in a Boxy Jacket

For this winter season, an outerwear you need to consider is a boxy jacket. A tasteful fashion alternative, it can be a welcome break from the traditional trench coats and blazers. Rock this structured topper with these tips on how to look best in a boxy jacket.

It’s All About the Right Fit

A boxy jacket is a style trend that needs a lot of deliberation. You don’t want to sink in this structured topper, so it is essential that you find a style that fits you perfectly. In most cases, the best style is a cropped boxy jacket. This cut is more than flattering; it is versatile enough for most occasions.

gray boxy jacket

khaki boxy jacket cream boxy jacket

Balance is Important

When it comes to fashion, a balanced look is important. Since a boxy jacket has a loose fit, it will be best if you wear it with fitted bottoms, such as leggings, skinny jeans and cigarette-end trousers. Stay away from slouchy or voluminous styles as they can make you look bigger than usual.

boxy jacket and jeans

Another way to create a balanced look is to pair prints with basics. For example, if you have a printed jacket, then go easy on the rest of your attire.

designed boxy jacket printed boxy jacket

Have a plain jacket? Then infuse some prints and designs to the rest of your outfit.

cropped boxy jacket

Work on your Waist

A boxy jacket can be too overwhelming, especially if you have a petite frame. A good way to look lovely in a boxy jacket is to make sure that your waist is defined. A good way to accomplish so is to wear a cropped boxy jacket.

boxy jacket and high waisted pants


Another way to define your waist is to wear your boxy jacket with fit and flare clothes or high-waisted bottoms. Such apparel can help showcase your waist – even though it’s not as small as you hope it would be.

boxy jacket with high waisted pantsboxy jacket and fit-and-flare top

Play with Layers

As it has been said, showcasing your shape is the best way to make a boxy jacket work. Another way to do so is to play with layers. Wear a longer top underneath your boxy jacket, in order to balance and soften your style.

boxy jacket and peplum top red boxy jacket striped boxy jackettextured boxy jacket

Don’t be afraid of the boxy jacket! With these style tips, you can rock it like a fashion muse.

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