How to Layer Shirts with Knitwear

Layering shirts with knitwear is so comfortable and stylish that’s appropriate for colder months. But if you feel like you’re layering them in a way they’re not meant to be layered, keep on reading for stylish tricks to create an artfully draped layered looks from your basic button-down shirt and knitwear.

statement top with gingham skirt

monochrome outfit with red heels knitted top with shirt and graphic pants knitted sweater with white shirt and skirt knitted sweater with white button down shirt and jeans blue sweater with shirt and quirky skirt

Layering button-down shirts under knitted sweaters are popular this season. Since you’re going for a layered look, you do not need a tailored fit for the shirt as you can wear it boxy all over for a more contemporary vibe. You may start with a plain white shirt and a plain colored sweater if you’re just starting to wear the trend. Just layer your shirt under a roomy knitwear, and let the tails and cuffs of the sleeves peek out. But for a more polished and sleek look, you may tuck the shirt in your bottoms and let the sweater untucked. Rolling your sleeves, bringing the cuff up over the sweater, and neatly rolling the shirt up to the cuff highlights the two fabrics without adding bulkiness to your looks.

anchor sweater with gingam shirt checkered outfit with white shirt checkered shirt with black sweater and midi skirt knitted sweater with striped top and jeans plain shirt with striped sweater and miniskirt polka dots sweater with polka dots shirt and jeans

Feel free to sport some pattern and prints on your layered looks. You may go for a printed shirt under your knitwear or go for a plain shirt under your elaborate sweater to create a good contrast between the layers. The best layering sweater is one that is slightly thicker and not too long so that you can see the hem of the button-down peek out from underneath. Dark colored knitwear works well with printed shirts worn with denim jeans, shorts, pencil skirts, and even midi skirts. If you feel bold enough, show off your print mixing skills by opting for a printed shirt with a printed sweater, but keep the rest of your outfit muted.

crop top with shirt and statement heels layered top with checkered skirt striped sweater with shirt and skirt

Traditionally, shirts are worn under knitwear that creates a great fit. However, you may do some twist by wearing your sweater underneath your shirt like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did. Just make sure that the under layer is form-fitting so it won’t add bulk to your look. You may polish your looks with a slim belt and a stylish scarf. A cropped sweater looks great as an outer layer letting the buttoned part of the shirt hangs loose. Oversized and roomy knitwear can be fantastic for layering as long as you keep them balanced. Tight layers look sleek and chic, but looser ones often look arty, funky, and laid-back. The lesson here is wearing a loose ensemble paired with a fitted one will help create visual balance within an outfit and prevent creating in extra bulk where there is none.

layered outfit with trench coat and jeans coat with layered top and jeans camo jacket with layered top and short

Your layers should provide extra warmth, a bit of length, a dash of color to your overall outfit. Layering isn’t all about tight clothes worn together. But since adding more garments is going to add more bulk, keeping your fabrics lightweight minimizes the bulk on your look. Soft blouses can be used instead of boxy button-down shirts for a more feminine vibe, and a softer feeling against the skin. But, when wearing an outerwear with your layered shirt and knitwear, a leave the coat or cardigan open to create a vertical line down the front of the body. Just polish your looks with a scarf that’s the ultimate layering accessory as they provide warmth, additional color, texture, and pattern to spice up your looks.


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