How to Get the Unique Mindy Kaling Style

Shot to fame as Mindy Lahiri in “The Mindy Project,” Mindy Kaling is more than just an actress, director, writer, and producer. She is a fashion icon in her unique, quirky sense. Get the talented Indian American’s style with these Mindy Kaling style tips.

Match it Up

Matching sets are all the rage nowadays, and they too have become integral parts of the signature Mindy Kaling style. The actress is known to walk the red carpets and sashay the roads in bright and colorful matching sets. And why not? It’s a complete reflection of her personality – bubbly and vibrant.

red printed separates

mndy kaling green separates

Be Bright

If there is a trademark Mindy Kaling style choice, then it is definitely about bright colors. The actress is always seen in vibrant colors that would make heads turn. Like Mindy, you can be a showstopper by draping yourself in happy and optimistic colors. It’s summer anyway, so you have all the right to parade the roads in sunny brights!

red orange dress bright pink dress

Color Block it

The Mindy Kaling style is all about the hottest trends, and one of it is color blocking. By definition, color blocking is all about pairing color wheel opposites – also known as complementary colors. Like Mindy, you can pull off the look by choosing bright, loud colors. It’s almost summer anyway, so you have the perfect excuse to be drenched in color.

color blocked dress orange top and blue skirt

Pretty in Prints

Mindy Kaling style is all about stylish quirkiness. Unlike other people, she’s not afraid to wear unique and out-of-this-world prints. If you want to be as fashionably adventurous, you need to have the confidence that Mindy exudes. Try experimenting with prints and pair it with unusual styles, designs, and textures.

printed top and skirt turquoise printed dress printed dress

Make it Monochrome – with a Twist!

The Mindy Kaling style is all about polar opposites. When she’s not color blocking, she’s spreading the love in a monochromatic outfit. Although this is the case, Mindy takes monochrome to a different level by pairing unique pieces. For example, she paired her yellow top with a textured, dotted skirt. While they both come in the same color, the different consistencies have managed to revitalize her look.

yellow monochrome outfit blue monochromatic outfit black top and leather pants

Cinch it

Mindy Kaling is a voluptuous lady, and she’s not afraid to show her figures. But if you want to create a slimming silhouette, then follow the Mindy Kaling style philosophy of cinching the waist with a belt. This simple styling trick can help define your curves – so you can look sexier and shapelier.

mindy kalng belted outfits mindy kaling belted dress

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