How to get the Rocker Chic Look

Want a laidback, devil-may-care outfit? Then set your sights on the rocker chic trend. Inspired by the likes of Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss, this carefree look is best for casual hang-outs and day dates. Get the gorgeously grunge appearance of these fashion icons by getting your hands on these essential Rocker Chic pieces:

Real (or Faux) Leather Goods

Nothing spells rocker chic more than leather goods. Whether it’s real or faux, these pieces can help you achieve this unique look. Essential rocker chic items include the leather jacket and leather pants.

black leather pants

black leather jacket

Just as important as leather clothing are leather boots – especially the studded and spiky ones.

studded black boots

Musician Logo Tees

Logo tees are more than just concert souvenirs, they are vital elements for the rocker chic look as well. While it can be simply worn with jeans, you can add more spunk to it by pairing it with a leather jacket and black pants. Want a softer look? Then wear it with a shiny skirt.

rocker top and studded boots

sunglasses and skinny jeans

Flannel Shirt

Since rocker chic looks are usually leather-oriented, the flannel shirt is recommended for the all-black style. It is best paired with leather, although it looks good with just jeans as well.

checkered flannel shirt

red flannel shirt

Statement Hat

Even if you are not fond of wearing hats, a statement hat is one you must have in order to achieve the rocker chic look. In the end, you might end up using this fashionably functional piece more often than you are used to.

black statement hat

Rocker Chic Jewelry

Rocker chic is all about studs, metals and spikes. Get to channel these embellishments by adorning yourself in rocker jewelry. For the ultimate look, opt for black or metal statement necklaces, leather cuffs, chunky bracelets, oversized rings and skull-designed accessories.

rock chic jewelry

edgy rocker jewelry

Oversized Sunglasses

Complete your rocker chic look by shielding your eyes with oversized sunglasses. While they are more of fashion addendums for this trend, they are completely functional – especially when the sun is way up high in the sky!

rocker chic sunglasses

rocker-inspired top

Rocker chic is not just about a messy, grungy look. With these exceptional fashion pieces, you can take the rocker chic trend to the next level.

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