How to Get the Rocker Chic Look

Fall fashion is all about dreary, ominous styles. With that being said, the rocker chic look is one of the styles you need to try out this season. Get the dark yet dapper appearance with these tips on how to get the rocker chic look.

Be Skinny

It doesn’t matter if you have put on a few pounds, just remember that you need to wear skinny pants – always – to get the rocker chic look. Wear it with a loose top – or a crop top – you can always achieve the rebel look with this pair of pants.



Be Boho

Boho looks are not only for retro, vintage styles – they are good for rocker chic looks as well. If you want to incorporate a throwback element to your attire – then mix your hardcore rocker chic outfits with a bit of boho influence. Be it a suede vest or a printed scarf, boho items can elevate your style to a whole another level.

boheme boho

Be Fuzzy

It’s getting colder and colder anyway, so why not solidify your rocker chic look with a fuzzy coat? Throw it over a basic tee and jeans combo – a suede dress even – for an instantly elegant look.

fuzzy-coat fuzzy-green-coat

Go for Gold

And no, I’m not talking about a medal. While it pays to be on top, a gold-accented anything should be your go-to piece when it comes to building a rocker chic look. Be it a coat or a huge gold necklace, a gold accent can help you achieve a royal rocker chic style.

gold-skirt gold-jacket

Stack it Up

While simple is always better, it’s not the case when it comes to accessorizing for a rocker chic look. If you want to achieve this style, then stack your jewelries as much as you can. Be it bangles or rings, a stacked-up look is something you can flaunt for a full-on rocker chic look.

stacked-rings stacked-bangles

It’s All About Black Boots

When it comes to a rocker chic look, nothing else comes close to black boots. Be it a thigh-high one or ankle booties, black boots can help finish your look with a dark flair – and more!

black-boots black-booties

Be a Catwoman

Achieving the rocker chic look goes beyond clothes and shoes. It’s all about pinning the perfect make-up as well. In order to achieve the perfect style, make sure to create the perfect cat’s eye. Although it might take you a lot of time to solidify this look, it will help you achieve a stylish rocker chic look right away.

cats-eye cats-eye-make-up

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