How to Get Away with Wearing UGGs Outdoors

UGG boots are super comfy but, unfortunately, they’re not very… well… chic or sophisticated and they’re not that versatile as many other winter shoes. Many people buy UGGs to wear them indoors or, at the most, with outfits for running errands or for getting from your house to the car on a really cold day. Not many women wear them with everyday outfits because they can be pretty hard to style. If you’ve ever wondered how you can make these comfy shoes work, though, check out these tips on how to get away with wearing UGGs outdoors.camo jacket skinny jeans and uggs

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  1. GO FOR THE SIMPLEST, MOST CLASSIC STYLE – UGGs have come a long way since the first time fashionistas looking for comfy footwear found out about them and now they come in so many different colors and designs that it can be a little tough and overwhelming to choose just one. If you want something that you can get away with wearing outdoors all the time, though, it’s best to go with the most minimal, classic style.chic outfit with ugg boots simple uggs outfit
  2. OPT FOR BLACK – the thing about UGGs is that they have this chunky look to them that doesn’t seem to be very flattering on many women. They have the tendency to make your legs look shorter and stumpy which is never a good thing, especially if you don’t have supermodel status legs to begin with. To counter this, you can opt for black UGGs instead. Black just makes everything look slimmer which, in turn, helps make your legs look longer.liquid leggings and black uggs basic black uggs
  3. WEAR THEM WITH SKINNY FIT BOTTOMS – boot cut and flare jeans do not fare well with UGGs at all so the best bottoms I would recommend wearing them with would be anything with a skinny fit / cut. Leggings, tights, skinny jeans – these are some of the best bottoms to wear your UGG boots with. They tuck into your UGGs without creating ugly bulges and without leaving you feeling uncomfortable.skinny jeans parka and uggs matching hat and boots outfit on kendall
  4. WATERPROOF THEM – UGGs are not made with waterproof material which is one of the major reasons why many people don’t wear them outdoors during winter when it’s snowing hard outside. An easy fix for this, though, for those who are really committed to wearing their UGGs out in snow, is to seal them with a waterproofing / water repellant spray. This will not only keep your boots and your feet dry but will also help keep them looking like new.

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