How to Get an Organized and Practical Closet

An organized and practical closet is a must if you’re aiming for an easy and effortlessly way of dressing every single day. If you’re starting with a clean slate, keep on reading for our guide to getting an organized and practical closet.

Decide how big or small you need your closet to be.


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Before getting a big or small closet, consider first what the contents will be. By building your closet based only on how much hanging space you need, even a small bedroom can retain a feeling of spaciousness, with room for a large bed, a desk and maybe more. Remember, it’s how you design and use the space that makes the difference. So think of your casual clothes, work clothes, and even lifestyle when getting a fresh closet.

Get organized.

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If you want to maximize space, group your clothes of a similar size together so they won’t waste an inch. Also, you may think of organizing them by type, color, and occasion if you have a larger closet space. Hanging the top rod high enough can help to give enough space between the bottom of the hanging clothes and the second rod underneath. Also, pack away the clothes that no longer serve you. Remember, your closet must be full of clothes that only flatter your current body and serve you in the current season.

Focus on ergonomics and go for flexibility.

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Remember, nobody wants to crawl on the floor to just to find their favorite jeans. So, design your space more ergonomically so you’ll make things easier to find. Also, positioning your shelves above the hanging space is a smart move ergonomically. You can stack right to the top of the shelf because there’s no need to reach to the back. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, it can be easier for you to plan for your edgy all black outfit with a mesh top, leather biker jacket and miniskirt if you keep your clothes in sight at the same time accessible. Do it this way and you’ll hardly ever need to reorganize your wardrobe.

Use every bit of storage strategically.

cap-toe-heels-with-sporty-mesh-top-with-skinny-jeans sailor-blazer-with-jeans casual-chic-fall-outfit

When you have a small space, the trick is using every bit of storage fully. You can achieve this by not having anything but hung clothes in the closet. There’s little point in storing folded clothes on deep closet shelves as it only ends up a mess. Instead, use deep space for hanging clothes, then put folded clothes and shoes elsewhere. You may also get smart with your shoes. For instance, if space is tight, fit them in yet aim to stash them on shelves at mid-height so you can see them. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to get an organized and practical closet that will serve you well.

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