How to Get a Glam Festival Look

With SXSW kicking up festival season a few weeks ago, there’s no denying that it’s all Boho and hippie looks from here on out. However, we know that not everyone is into this kind of fashion and that doesn’t mean that if you’re one of them, you can’t have fun at the festivals. If you’re more of a glitzy, girly kind of lass, check out these tips on how to get a glam festival look.

  • SKIP THE FRINGE – fringe is great if you’re trying to get that laidback Boho / hippie vibe but if you’re aiming for a more posh and glamorous outfit, skip it. Embellished pieces in your outfit are okay as long as they’re minimal and very subtle.

posh festival look

kylie jenner festival look

  • OPT FOR A STREAMLINED SILHOUETTE – festival fashion is usually all about loose and flowy silhouettes and that’s fine if you’re going for the usual Boho look. If you’re planning on doing a more glam look, though, you’ll want to keep your silhouettes clean and streamlined. Choose pencil skirts over maxis, straight cut palazzos over bell cut wide legs. A streamlined silhouette will give your look that sleek, posh vibe.

dvt coachella look simple glam look

  • ADD STRUCTURE TO YOUR LOOK – another way to make your festival outfit look more glitzy glam is to add a bit of structure to your look. You doesn’t have to wear high fashion, avant-garde style clothing. A simple peplum top paired up with a pencil skirt or a structured handbag added to your overall look should be enough to give it a nice, ritzy look to it.

matching top and bottom glam look

  • WEAR HEELS – wear heels but not stilettos. Instead opt for platforms or even pairs with chunky heels. Adding height to your look adds a more glamorous twist to it as well. Wedges are great, too, if you want something more comfortable to walk on when roaming the grounds.

chunky heeled shoes cute green dress

  • LEVEL UP YOUR ACCESSORY GAME – forget about wooden bead shamballa bracelets and feather necklaces, the glam festival look is all about bling – and lots of them! Go easy on the stones, gems, crystals and rhinestones, though, Too much of that can actually cheapen up your look. It would be more ideal to go for plain metals stacked stylishly together. Statement accessories are welcome, too, as long as they’re worn and styled in moderation.

glam black and white look glam coachella outfit

How do you like to add that glamorous vibe to your festival look?



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