How to Find Comfortable Shoes That Don’t Compromise Style

You might love stilettos your entire life, but some women can’t endure the pain any longer yet aren’t ready for the dowdy alternatives. In fact, very few women consider shoes simply protection from the elements as they are jewelry for the feet or a form of personal expression. “When a woman puts on a pair of shoes in the morning, she’s making a commitment that’s going to last all day,” Kenneth Cole told Elle Magazine. So, if you’re looking for comfortable shoes that don’t compromise style, keep on reading for our tricks.

Find foot-friendly features.



Certain brands at every price point have started to incorporate more comfortable features into their shoes. If you’re looking for office shoes, think of a pair of shoes with a wide toe box and a narrow heel. But few shoes that are cosmetically attractive will make sense for a woman with any real foot problem. Shoes with a wide toe box and narrow heel are undeniably ugly, says Eugene Toomey, a Seattle orthopedic surgeon. Also, think of shoes with padded footbed, plenty of support, and shock absorption. Wedges, platforms and lower chunky heels can give the appearance of height while keeping you comfortable because they spread out the impact of each step, causing less pain without being frumpy.

Consider chic flats.

2-chic-studded-flats-with-eyelet-dress ballet-flats-with-creative-office-outfitlace-up-gladiators-with-casual-dress

Many of us think we need a little more heel and a little more punch to look more stylish and fashion-forward. This time, consider chic flats that you can wear from the office to your casual weekends. The key is to avoid flats with a toe box that’s too narrow, those that lack arch support, or have exposed seams inside that rub and cause blisters. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may go for a pair of patent ballet flats for your office look and switch to lace up gladiators on your casual weekend style.

Think of chunky heels and wedges over stiletto heels.

chunky-orange-pumps-with-blue-crop-top-and-skirt oxfords-with-creative-office-outfit clog-sandals-with-geometric-print-dress

If you’re looking for height at the same time stability, think of wedges and chunky heels over stilettos. They can still look dressy at the same time keep you comfortable. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, think of adding some quirky vibe to your style with a pair of orange pumps teamed with your blue outfit that looks cool and fresh.

Have your shoes stretched.

wedges-sneakers-with-winter-coat sling-shoes-with-lightweight-coat cap-toe-shoes-with-boho-chic-outfit

If you buy shoes that fit in the heel and are tight in the toes until they are broken in, they do more damage to your feet. On the other hand, if you buy shoes a size too large so that they are wide enough in the toes, the heel slips out which can be annoying or even dangerous. Sometimes a pair of shoes just needs the toe box stretched, which can be done by a good shoe repair.

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