How to Dress the Romantic Fashion Personality

A woman with romantic fashion personality always looks feminine, sweet, and innocent to whatever outfit she’s wearing. If you’re one of the romantic fashion personality types, the Victorian Era may appeal to you as part of a romantic past when women always wore long skirts, hats, and gloves, as well as you may also picture yourself as the heroine in a historical romance. Looking for romantic ways to dress your personality type? Keep on reading for our style guidelines.

fascinator with pastel dress

nude dress with floppy hat pastel blue dress with floral clutch ribbon sandals with white lace dress romantic outfit with chic necklace

To spice up your outfit, you may wish to incorporate playful, feminine, and flirty accessories like floppy hats, bow headbands, ribbon sandals, antique hatpins, chic jeweled necklace, fur bags, fascinators and such. You’re likely to be a collector of beautiful objects, perhaps bags with floral motifs. Though you may be drawn to opt for antique or vintage jewelry for some times, you’ll still look romantic rather than vintagey. You’re more likely than other fashion personality types to own and wear hats or gloves as fashion accessories.

feminine lace dress with nude pumps pastel pink lace dressflowy coral dress pastel pink fur coat with chic outfit tulle skirt with lavender coat white-ruffled-dress-with-chic-heels

Since romantic describes your style perfectly, you may wish to stick with feminine details on clothing and soft, flowing fabrics. Ribbons, ruffles, lace, fur, chiffon, and velvet attract you for where your dresses and skirts fall below the knee, sometimes far below the knee. You also like skirts and pants that are soft and flowy, rather than crisp and tailored. That’s why your office attire may project less of a businesslike look than that of your colleagues because you’re likely to wear a dress to work than a suit. You prefer tulle skirts, full skirts, circle skirts and such over A-line and boxy styles. Of all the fashion personality types, yours is the most feminine as for you, there’s nothing wrong with wearing frilly dresses, as well as ruffles and frills to create a look that’s more girly than womanly.

3. chiffon blouse with nude pleated skirt and nude pumps lavender tank top with pastel pink skirt pastel dress with brown accessories pastel yellow dress pink pencil skirt with feminine top white and yellow dress with strappy sandals

You prefer soft pastel colors rather than dark shades and flashy colors. Lavender, pastel blue, white, baby pink, pastel yellow, and nude are a great selection for your personality type rather than dark shades of black, navy, burgundy, as well as flashy shades of hot pink, neon yellow, and cobalt blue. Just be careful wearing pastel and lighter shades if you have pale skin as a pastel yellow can make you look sick while white can make you look washed out. Pastel shades of pink, purple, blue, as well as nude, can look great for you.

floral print dress with loafers floral print dress with red blazer and shoes floral skirt with chic top floral skirt with red sweater pink crop top with pink and white striped midi skirt

You’re a fan of floral prints over any other prints. But, skip those retro floral that look vintage and flashy shade of floral prints that don’t look gentle and soft to your looks. Hint of pinks, blues, yellows, purple, and such to your floral prints may be great for giving your romantic outfit some flair. Classic stripes and polka dots may be great for your personality type, but better stick to feminine shades of pastel pink, white, lavender and such over those black-and-white stripes that look too classic and sharp for your personality.

striped top with mini skirt and classic pumps striped top with flowy midi skirt pink striped top with white overalls chic culottes with spaghetti top casual chic dress with classic pumps

On casual weekends, you sometimes look a bit out of place as you’re less likely to wear jeans than other fashion personality types, preferring to wear skirts, dresses, or chic pants. If you wish to look casual but at the same time chic, go for a pair of white denim overalls instead of a blue one that looks casual. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, wear your white denim overalls with your pink striped top to keep that romantic looks even in a casual setting. If you’re not a fan of overalls, then simply switch to a pastel pink maxi skirt to team with your striped top.

Indeed, a romantic fashion personality is the most feminine and sweet look above any other personality types, ideal for date nights, formal parties, and even casual-chic weekends.

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