How to Dress Like the Stylish Olsen Sisters

There’s no denying that the Olsen twins are two of the best dressed people in Hollywood and while their fashion style might be a little too simple for some, it sure is nothing short of chic.  I have loved the Olsen twins since the first time I saw them a long time ago. If you, too, are a fan, check out these tips and ideas on how to dress like the stylish Olsen sisters.

  1. Don’t be afraid of an all-black look – some people tend to get overwhelmed with an all-black outfit but don’t be. The Olsen sisters are the perfect people to show that an all black outfit is never boring. Just be sure to play with texture and accessorize to keep your look interesting.all black ashley
    all black ensemble
  2. Get playful with shapes and silhouettes – I’ve always loved how the Olsen sisters never conformed with wearing fitted, skin-baring clothes like most women in Hollywood do. They’re always playing with shapes and silhouettes and are always sporting interesting ones. Most of the time, too, the silhouettes they come up with are really flattering.shape and silhouette play
  3. Flats are your friends – if you think you need heels to look hot all the time, think again! The Olsen sisters are petite ladies but they still manage to get away with looking chic and fabulous all the time even when they’re not wearing heels. If you’re on the short side, don’t be afraid to wear flats.flat loafers outfit
  4. Comfy height boost – if you feel like you could really use the extra help in boosting your height, go for a pair of kitten heels instead. They’re comfy, they’re chic, they make you look taller and they’re Olsen sisters approved.kitten heels and slouchy outfit
  5. Color is not always a must – seeing the Olsen sisters’ fashion and style choices, you’ll realize that color isn’t always necessary to create standout outfits that are fun and fab. Neutrals are just as good as bright, bold and vibrant colors when you know how to wear them and work with them.neutral colors outfit
  6. Less is more – we’ve all heard it before: less is indeed more and the Olsen sisters prove it! You will rarely see photos of the Olsen sisters wearing something so complicated but that doesn’t make them any less stylish.less is more
  7. Wear sunglasses for a bit of mystery – for just a slight hint of mystery about your look. don’t forget to complete your outfit with a pair of face-flattering sunglasses.sunglasses outfit
  8. Own it – lastly, if you want to channel the Olsen sisters stunning style, you have to own it! Don’t be walking around in a slouchy-chic outfit feeling ashamed or not-so-confident, it’s not going to work!olsen sisters olsen trio


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