How to Dress Like Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, can’t place a foot wrong in the fashion stakes. Duchess Kate has been the picture of sophisticated elegance, grace, poise, and simplicity. Kate has taken on her royal duties with the greatest elegance and beauty, and always looks exceptional at her public appearances.

She takes advantage of her vaunted position in life by embracing elegance and ignoring the trends that don’t work for her. The Duchess is a great fan of noble formal styles and high street fashion where she even mixes up her wardrobe with luxurious and inexpensive items. Here are some inspirations every woman should embrace to achieve Kate’s elegant style.

1. Opt for classic style dresses and skirts.

classic white dress kate middleton

Duchess Kate has a remarkable classic preference in dresses. She never wears anything that shows too much skin, too tight, or revealing. But instead, she always dresses conservatively by wearing classic skirts and dresses that are always close to the knee or below. Being in the public eye and representing the royal family of England, Kate has perfected how to dress elegantly and conservatively for her part, yet still look fresh and fashionable.
classic blue dress kate middleton
Kate keeps her look fresh with effortless, clean-cut lines, which features her slim figure. Like Duchess Kate, modifying your clothing to suit your body shape can make all the difference. Pick a flattering hemline for your skirts and dresses and invest in a good fit.

2. Play with colors, patterns, and prints.

yellow dress kate middleton printed dress kate middleton

Duchess Kate isn’t afraid to play with color. Kate’s color palate consists of a lot of muted colors, vivid colors, and neutrals. Kate also wears pops of deep blue, bold red, and white, simply like the Union Jack. She highlights colors — even hard-to-match pastels — which keeps her look fresh and young-looking. She also knows how to nail patterns and prints like polka dots, floral prints, and stripes. Whether she wears smart prints or vibrant hues, she always makes sure they’re perfect for her skin tone.

3. Invest in an elegant coat.

pastel blue coat dress

With her elegantly designed coats, she inspires us how to look put together without coming off as too buttoned up. When Kate wears a dress in the cooler weather or a formal day, she typically pairs it with a knee-length coat. Wool is a preferred fabric for many of her combination in dress and coat, but she does dress in lighter fabrics when the day calls for it. Whether it’s a dark navy or bright red, she simplifies her coats with one color and creates a stunning and lengthening look.

(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Like Duchess Kate, a fitted top coat is the best way to rationalize your look. Just add some basic and neutral accessories and shoes that do not overdo the outfit.

4. Belt your waist for more definition

black belt in deep green dress coat


(Photo by Chris Jackson - Pool /The FA via Getty Images)

(Photo by Chris Jackson – Pool /The FA via Getty Images)

Whether Kate opts for a matching one or not, she knows that a belt is an elegant way to accentuate a waistline. Just don’t put it too high on your midsection if you have a larger bust. Kate knows her assets and works with them. If you have got a small waist like she does, make sure you’re flaunting it. Bring it to focus on a belt and wear pieces that are fitted in the waist area.

5. Hats instantly dress up a look

hat nude outfit color black hat in blue dress kate middleton

While it is traditional for most Brits to wear stylish headwear at significant events, Kate’s hats are often her most talked-about accessories. For Kate, no outfit is complete without a hat. The hat and coat dress combination has turned out to be one of her most iconic looks and she has put on the official ceremonies to celebrations.

6. Nude and black heels go with everything.

nude heels kate middleton black heels in pink coat

The Duchess has presented the flexibility of the heeled pump on uncountable occasion. She has paired these staple shoes with ensembles in a variety of tones and lengths, and they constantly look on-point, particularly when matched with a neutral hose.

7. Casual doesn’t need to be scruffy

dark jeans kate middleton

Kate manages to pull off laid-back luxury with ease. Whether you’re a humble civilian or a queen-in-waiting, it seems everybody needs a pair of comfortable jeans. She teamed cotton tops with some basic navy, brown, or black jeans. Kate also reveals that jeans can be adapted for any affair. She is seen being dressed in jeans paired in lovely tops in walking her dogs and pairing them with wedges for official events.

8. If an outfit works, repeat it.

red belted coat

Duchess Kate has become distinguished for recycling outfits for countless circumstances. Even though she lives at a royal residence and has her own personal designer, Kate reinvents the same outfit by wearing ensembles with different jewelry, accessories, and shoes. This is one of the keys that all women can take on when refreshing old items.

red belted coat with boots

Now that you have all eight tips for getting Duchess Kate’s style, let her fashion sense be your inspiration. Take what works for you in this article and make it your own. Know what you like and look good in, and sticks to it.


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