How to Dress Like A Girl Boss

If you’re a fan of fashion, you’ve probably heard of this saying before: “dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” Sometimes, when you’re starting out as an intern or as a rank and file employee, it’s easy to lose touch of your true fashion sense because of the urge to blend in. The best tip I received when I was in your shoes was not to succumb to boring suits and ugly offices blouses. So I dressed to the nines, even though I was stuck to my desk for hours every day, and it all worked out well for me in the end. Here are some amazing tips on how to dress like a girl boss.

all black outfit girl boss style

  1. Don’t be afraid of neutrals – so many young fashionistas make the common mistake of avoiding neutrals, especially beiges and grays because they think it makes them look older. Neutrals work very well in an office setting. The key to avoiding a dated look is to make sure the pieces you have in neutrals are in style. It’s also best to go for plain ones instead of printed neutral pieces. striped top outfit neutral black and whilte girl boss look
  2. Add structure to your look – nothing beats a comfy outfit. Unfortunately, frumpy and oversized shirts paired with worn-in jeans just don’t make the cut in a girl boss’s office wardrobe. Reserve your comfy casuals for the weekend and go for something smarter and more structured when at the office. Sharp lines and smart silhouettes are always helpful in making a good first impression. green pants and floral top blue jumpsuit outfit girl boss
  3. Throw on a blazer – even a girl boss has days when she just wants to wear something that’s easy and laid back. On days like this, throwing on a chic blazer is the easiest way to maintain that girl boss vibe. smart chic casual outfit
  4. Dress up your basics – casual Fridays are common, but it’s not an excuse to turn back on your office wardrobe and sport something frumpy and shapeless. Dress up, even on days when casual attire is allowed. If you’re keen on wearing your casual basics, at least dress them up or jazz them up by styling them in chic ways. cute girl boss lookcamel coat outfit with red pumps
  5. Never forget to accessorize – a simple outfit can be made to look chic with the right accessories. Your everyday accessories jazzed up with a statement piece or two can transform your look easily from girl next door to girl boss. The right heels, the right bag, and the right jewelry are all crucial in creating a look fit for a girl boss. slip dress and blazer neutral all over girl boss vibe outfit


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