How to Dress for Work in the Summer with Anh Sundstrom

Dressing for work is hard enough without the added element of serious summer heat. Stylish expert behind 9 to 5 Chic blog, Anh Sundstrom is a San Francisco-based blogger known for her fashionable yet functional style at the office when it’s all too hot out. If you’re looking for ways to dress for work in the summer like a pro, keep on reading to infuse cool-girl vibe on your office-ready looks.

Opt for longer hemlines with strategic slits.

flared pants with slit and button down shirt

striped top with slit skirt slit skirt with checkered top

Though we often seek for shorter hemlines to keep us cool in the heat, longer hemlines with strategic slits can do the same while keeping us covered from the harmful rays of the sun. “When temperatures rise, instinct tells us ‘so should the hemlines,’ but until recently I’d forgotten that a long, tailored skirt with strategically placed slits can have the same, wonderful cooling effect as a shorter hemline,” Anh stated on her interview. Like her, you may opt for a wrap or tulip skirt paired with a breathable top. Or, go for a pair of flared pants with slits to keep your style modern yet season-appropriate at the office.

Be classy with breathable black ensembles.

black tube dress with white top pleated skirt with button down shirt and summer hat monochromatic black outfit with lace up heels black wrap dress with ankle strap sandals

Though we are often encouraged to wear fruity and summery colors in the hot season, black will always be a timeless choice if you’re aiming for a classy and sophisticated style. The key lies in selecting breathable fabrics to keep you cool in the heat. “Black might not come to mind when dressing for a hot summer day, but when I do choose black, I choose lighter fabrics and looser cuts,” Anh said.

Go for chambray or on-duty denim for Casual Fridays.

chambray dress with classic pumps denim on denim outfit with striped tee and sneakers

“Denim gets an upgrade in a tailored silhouette like a pencil skirt,” Anh said. Also, you may think of a chambray dress that will go perfectly with a pair of classic pumps for a feminine yet effortless look, or go for a denim-on-denim outfit paired with slip-on sneakers to complete your laid back style in Casual Fridays in the office lie Anh did.

Look effortless on a shirtdress.

navy shirt dress with strappy sandals white shirtdress with shoulder bag striped shirt dress with lace up sandals olive green dress

According to Anh, shirtdresses are an essential, especially in crisp cotton, for hot summer weather. That’s why she loves shirtdresses that can be styled in so many different ways whether belted, unbelted, buttoned all the way up, or left a little loose. Like her, go for a shade that flatters your skin tone while giving you a classy glow in the office. Neutral shades of white, black, gray, brown, navy, and olive green are great choices for a summer-ready look in the office.

Infuse a summer vibe with prints and patterns.

white top with printed skirt striped pencil skirt with white top floral top with pencil skirt floral dress with camel bag and mules

Floral prints and Breton stripes are great for infusing some summer feel to your style. Like Anh, think of a colorful floral blouse that can spice up your plain white skirt, or a striped pencil skirt that will give some nautical-chic vibe on your button-down top. This way, you’ll keep your office looks stylish yet functional in the summer season.

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