How to Dress for Cosmopolitan Attire

A Cosmopolitan Attire stated on an invitation can be confusing, but it only means something classic, trendy, and modern at the same time. A cosmopolitan look combines sophisticated and trendy pieces, along with accessories, to create a pulled-together but comfortable ensemble. When dressing for a cosmopolitan event, you have to be aware of all the latest trends because you are adding fashionable pieces to a classic piece. So, keep on reading for our styling tricks to get a cosmopolitan look effortlessly.

Opt for a trendy pair of shoes, boots, or sandals.

cut out sandals with purple outfit and cobalt blue clutch

strappy sandals with military outfitmetallic silver lace up sandals with chic outfit peep toe boots with military coat and checkered pants socks with shoes and navy coat statement nude fishnet boots with navy dress

If you’re wearing a corporate or classic outfit, opt for a trendy pair of shoes, boots, or sandals over a pair of classic pumps. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may spice up your already-sexy dress with a pair of fishnet boots in a nude shade and thigh-high style. Going for a metallic pair of sandals, cut-out sandals, peep-toe boots, or even wearing socks with shoes can be great to create a cosmopolitan look. However, keep the classy and sophisticated vibe on your looks regardless on fashion rules you’re planning to break.

Incorporate trendy prints and patterns to your look.

abstract print dress with red pumps polka dots tights with casual chic outfit leopard clutch with camel coat and printed dress graphic skirt with chic top checkered skirt with chevron clutch and black top abstract-print-top-with-chic-blazer-and-high-waist-skirt

Wearing trendy prints and patterns can be great for creating a cosmopolitan look. Think of your typical office outfit that can be transformed into a party-ready look with just a few printed pieces. Sleek, wool pants in a neutral shade, like gray, black or tan, can be matched with bright and fun print or solid tops. Choose muted colors when selecting your blouses and shirts to prevent looking garish. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, trade your button-down blouse with an abstract print top that will go well with your chic office blazer and pencil skirt. Like Nicole Warne, you may opt for a mixed print look by going for a checkered pencil skirt and a chevron print clutch which add some trendy vibe to your outfit without taking away the sophisticated and classy vibe in you.

Make your Casual Friday outfit trendy yet chic.

casual chic outfit ripped jeans with graphic top denim blazer with jeans casual jeans with structured blazer and turquoise shoes casual jeans with red top

If you’re working in a casual office that allows jeans in your workplace, make your outfit cosmopolitan by incorporating casual pieces that look sleek and chic. For instance, topping your casual office outfit with a denim blazer, or wearing your sweater with a button-down shirt can be great to add some trendy yet classy vibe to your looks.

Wear a statement necklace, scarf, or even bracelets.

chunky necklace with maxi skirt and blazer scarf with red dress and blazer colorful bracelets with graphic top and blazer

Accessories can make or break your look. If you’re working in a conservative office, make your outfit cosmopolitan like Mary Orton did, wearing a printed scarf with her red dress and a chic blazer. Also, wearing colorful bracelets with a graphic top and chic blazer like Annabelle Fleur did, can add some trendy vibe to your modern street looks. Accessories will round out your ensemble and give you the funky edge you are looking for.

Layer like a style pro.

leather leggings with chiffon top and jacket polka dots pants with layered tops office suit with pumps

Since layering is considered trendy, be creative wearing your favorite pieces together with the goal of creating a modern, sleek, and classy outfit. Like street style star, you may start by simply wearing a rounded neck top with your button-down shirt and suit, making it look modern yet professional for the office. Or, be eccentric like Blair Eadie picking the brightest colors and trendy pieces that will create a modern, trendy, and fashion-forward outfit.

Play with outfit structure and silhouette.

band blazer with brocade dress wide leg pants with slouchy sweater pastel jeans with leather coat and burgundy bag collared top with A line skirt

Architectural, boxy, and structured silhouettes are some of the trademarks of the modern look. You can add trendy tops to mix up your look and extend the life of your basic pieces. However, skip those avant-garde and eccentric silhouettes that will look over-the-top, therefore not appropriate for cosmopolitan attire. Remember, a cosmopolitan look revolves around trendy and modern pieces yet classy and sophisticated at the same time.

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