How to Do the Safari Trend

The safari trend is a great trend to get into if you like neutral colors but still want to make a stylish and chic outfit with them. This particular trend doesn’t require the use of too many bold colors. In fact, bold colors are optional and can be used sparingly just to add a pop of color to a certain look. If you’re interested in trying out this look, check out these tips on how to do the safari trend.

  • WEAR EARTHY COLORS – the safari look / trend is rich with the use of neutral and earthy colors. All the different shades of green and brown, especially, are utilized to their full potential with this trend. These colors make the trend a little easier to wear and pull off compared to those that call for bright and loud colors so beginners shouldn’t be too intimidated.

safari outfit

safari outfit animal print accent

  • CHOOSE SIMPLE SILHOUETTES – clean lines and simple silhouettes are all that you need to take on the safari fashion trend. There’s really no need for frills and froufrou when it comes to this trend which is why it’s very wearable and really versatile, too.

safari trend inspired outfit cute safari

  • SPICE IT UP WITH ANIMAL PRINTS – if you find plain solid neutrals to be a little boring, though, you can always spice up your safari look with animal printed clothes. Animal print never fails to give a fierce and sexy vibe to any look. Leopard print, of course, is the most popular but there are other styles that you can choose from and style as well.

animal print glam safari

  • OR TRY TRIBAL – don’t think you can pull off animal print clothes? That’s okay. You can still liven up your plain safari look with tribal print clothes. Tribal print patterns are usually very intricate and they are perfect for adding lots of color to your outfit without all of them overwhelming the whole look. If you don’t feel like wearing too many colors, you can always just opt for the neutral tribal print pattern designs.

tribal print colorful dress ethnic tribal print

  • ADD A BIT OF GLAM – to make your safari-inspired look a little more chic, you can add a hint of glam to it by completing it with accessories. As far as jewelry goes, anything made of metal or wood is perfect. A floppy wide brim hat can add a sophisticated vibe to your look. Leather is also another accessory you can add to your safari outfit so a leather belt, leather sandals or a leather purse are all good.

safari accessories layered outfit safari trend isnpired

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