How to Do the Lolita Fashion Look

The Lolita look is a very popular look among teens, especially in Japan, and it portrays clothing styles from the Victorian era but with a more updated and cuter twist. Of course, with Victorian era fashion being the  base of this look, you can expect it to be really girly and feminine with lots of frills and froufrou. There are lots of variations for the Lolita look ranging from Gothic Lolita to Elegant Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Punk Lolita, Princess Lolita and more. All these styles call for the same basics and essentials and if you’re wondering how you can achieve this look, check out these tips below on how to do the Lolita fashion look.

  • STICK TO SKIRTS AND DRESSES – rarely would you see a girl sporting Lolita fashion while wearing pants. Because of the fact that the look is based off of styles from the Victorian era, it is but normal to see these kinds of looks done with skirts and dresses instead of pants or shorts or leggings. Ideally, petti skirts would make the best Lolita look but if you don’t have any of that, you can always go for any other skirt style as long as it’s a little voluminous (e.g., a cupcake skirt, an A-line skirt, a full skirt or a flared skirt).

sweet lolita fashion

simple fall lolita look

  • OPT FOR SHORTER HEMLINE – go for skirts hit you above the knee for a more updated look. Going for maxi length skirts and dresses might have you ending up with a full on Victorian era costume. You can also opt for midi length skirts and dresses if you’re going for a more reserved Lolita look like elegant Lolita or princess Lolita.

cute lolita look for fall sailor lolita

  • LAYER WITH TIGHTS, STOCKINGS OR KNEE HIGH SOCKS – the Lolita fashion look is not known for being sexy or racy so covering up is a must. If you’re wearing a rather short skirt / dress, cover up your legs with opaque tights, stockings or knee high socks. You can also layer with leg warmers and high cut boots.

costume sweet lolita country lolita look

  • FRILLS AND FROUFROU – as mentioned earlier, the Lolita look is filled with frills and froufrou and if you’re looking for ways to incorporate them into your look, the easiest way to go is to choose pieces that feature lots of lace, ruffles and ribbons.

sweet lolita look cute lolita look

  • DESIGN DETAILS – one really important thing to pay attention to when doing the Lolita look is design details. Even the smallest details can make a difference with the Lolita outfits so look closely. You’ll want to have a Peter Pan collar on as much tops as possible and you’ll want bows, too! These are essential for getting that whimsical look going. Some Lolita styles will call for specific details. Gothic Lolita, for example, will call for crosses while punk Lolita will require studs and spikes incorporated in the look.

casual lolita look gorgeous sweet lolita

  • ACCESSORIES – we all know that accessories are important in completing your look and that can’t get any truer with the Lolita style. Outfits with the Lolita look need over-the-top cutesy accessories to get that fancy vibe on point.

steampunk harajuku lolita cosplay lolita look

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