How to Do the Lampshading Trend

Lampshading is fashion’s newest and hottest trend for winter and while it may sound totally complicated, it’s actually quite the contrary. The lampshading trend is achieved by pairing an oversized top (preferable a jacket or a pullover) over shorts or a short skirt to create the silhouette of a lampshade, hence the name. The top, ideally, should be long enough to cover your bottom of choice (shorts or skirt) to get best results. This trend was made popular by many of the Kardashians’ street style off duty looks as well as those of many other stars. Here are some tips and ideas on how you, too, can do the lampshading trend.

  1. PICKING YOUR TOP – as stated earlier, the ideal top to use for lampshading is anything that’s oversized enough to cover your skirt or your shorts. This is crucial in helping you achieve that lampshade silhouette. It doesn’t have to be a pullover since you can basically achieve the same look / silhouette using a slightly thicker than usual tee but for winter, pullovers are more preferable.kourtneys take on lampshading
    zendaya red carpet lampshading
  2. SHOW OFF YOUR LEGS – the best way to wear the lampshading trend is to show off your legs. This not only sprinkles your look with a nice hint of sexy but it also is the best way to create a balanced silhouette that won’t leave you looking like a mess. To get this done, pick a pair of shorts / a skirt that will let you comfortable show off your legs.kourtney all gray outfit winter lampshading outfit
  3. CHOICE OF SHOES IS CRITICAL – you will want to make sure that the shoes you wear when you’re pulling off the lampshading trend is something that will make your legs look longer since you will be getting a slightly oversized silhouette that you need to compensate for. Nude pumps are great for this but you can also try wearing flattering knee-high or thigh-high boots like Kourtney K. does to get an extra dose of that casual, sexy vibe in.selena gomez lampshading trend
  4. KEEP ACCESSORIES MINIMAL – the lampshading trend calls for very little to none when it comes to accents and accessories. The less you have on, the better your look will turn out to be. A pair of cool girl sunglasses is fine but that’s about it.lampshading with white retro boots and a red pullover dressy outfit lampshading
  5. ADD A TOUCH OF LUXE – to make sure your outfit looks intentional, add a touch of luxe to your ensemble. You can do this however subtle or bold you like. This is just to make sure that you’re clearly sending out the message that you’re doing the lampshading trend instead of trying to look like a hobo.kylie wearing an oversized yeezus shirt and boots chunky knit cable jumper and lace shorts
  6. NATURAL HAIR AND MAKEUP IS BEST – lastly, forget about hair and makeup when you’re creating an outfit to get the lampshade look. Remember that what you’re going for here is that fresh, relaxed, “I woke up like this” vibe.

all black outfit

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