How to Buy a Dress That You’ll Actually Wear Again

Dresses are one of the fashionable pieces that give you a ladylike and feminine look. You may love seeing dresses that look great in the racks, but when you bought them it’ll only sit in the back of your closet, waiting to be worn. If you’re unsure how to make smart purchases on dresses, keep on reading for our shopping tricks on buying a dress that you’ll actually want to wear again.body con midi dress with classic pumps

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When shopping for dresses on the racks, focus on the fit. Every woman would love to wear a dress that fits perfectly on her no matter how simple or glamorous it may look. Go for a flattering neckline for you as long-necked women will look great in turtlenecks and halter styles of dresses while women with well-endowed busts will look more flattering in scoop necks and v-necks. Focus on the silhouettes that flatter your shape for where hourglass women look perfect in bodycon dresses white pear-shaped women will look better in a fit-and-flare style of dresses. Go for the ones that you know will look good in the photos and make you feel like a million bucks.

black-turtleneck-dress-with-thigh-high-boots gold and black dress with classic pumps leopard print dress with boots mustard dress with statement bag sexy nude dress with white blazer white shirt dress with slim belt

When looking for versatile dresses, think of ones that you can wear to work, to cocktails, and on the weekend without being noticeable that you wear the same dress over and over again. Think if you can refresh the look of your dress by wearing different statement necklaces, bags, shoes, and even hats. Traditionally, the simpler the dress is the more versatile it will be as embellishments and small details can be noticeable enough to spot whether you wore that dress a week ago. So, better stick to plain and neutral shades of black, brown, gray, white that looks elegant and chic. However, stylish prints like leopard, baroque, stripes, and such can be great too.

black dress with coat and thigh high boots mustard dress with black blazer party dress with fur blazer striped maxi dress with red clutch white asymmetric dress

There are dresses made from seasonal fabrics that will only suit a specific season. For instance, lightweight chiffon feels very summery while wool feels very wintery. So, opt for versatile fabrics that are “season-less” and “all-hours” so you’ll wear those dresses every now and then. Also, think if the dress you’re going to buy will fit your lifestyle whether you’re fussy and delicate when handling clothes, or simply love the low-maintenance pieces you can wash at home. Remember, you’ll never want to wear something most of the time if taking care of it annoys you, so figure out what kind of fabrics, styles, and design of dresses you like and fit you well, and then stick to them.

striped dress with denim jacket plaid dress with button-down shirt orange silk dress with printed coat knitted dress with trench coat and patent boots dress with white shirt dress and boots dress with button down shirt

When creating a stylish layer on your outfit, think if the dress you’re going to buy will look great in them. For instance, if you’re planning to wear a blazer with your printed dress, will it still look great or will only distract the delicate design of your dress. If you’re going for a flashy color of a dress, think if you can refresh them with printed coats, tuxedo blazers, or wool capes that it will look fresh again. If not, simply leave the dress on the racks and look for a new one.

By heeding our shopping advice on buying a feminine dress, you’ll find yourself deeply in love with your dresses that you’ll actually want to wear again.

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