How to be Cozy in Your Fall Wedding Dress

As a bride, I’m pretty sure you’ll want everything to go as smoothly and as perfectly as possible on your wedding day and though you can plan most of the things that will happen on your big day, there’s one thing you (or anyone else) can’t manipulate and take control of and that’s the weather. No matter how much time you put into planning every little detail for your wedding, the weather simply isn’t something you can take domination of and, getting married in fall, the weather can be really tricky and unpredictable. One thing is for sure, though, a fall wedding will always be a little chilly and cold so it’s important that you plan your wedding dress around this fact. Here are some chic and stylish ideas on how to be cozy in your fall wedding dress.

  • Wear a long sleeved wedding dress – if you’re pretty sure that the temps are going to be low on your wedding day, wearing a long sleeved wedding dress is the best way to keep warm. Long-sleeved wedding dresses may seem more conservative compared to other styles but they have that lovely, elegant and regal look to them that makes them just as chic. If you want to have a really dreamy and romantic look, you can opt for lace sleeves.

dreamy long sleeved wedding dress

 figure flattering long sleeved dress long sleeved wedding dress pretty fall wedding dress

  • Pull off an Olivia Palermo – Olivia Palermo may have gotten married during the summer but she sure gave lots of fall brides an idea on what to wear to their own weddings. If you’re having a rather informal ceremony, do as Olivia did and get cozy in separates. You can wear a white sweater and a white skirt, tulle if you want to keep the look feminine, or wear lighter colors like pale rose or light gray.

olivia palermo inspired olivia palermo wedding outfit sweater and skirt wedding ensemble white sweater and white skirt outfit

  • Top it off with a fancy shrug – a shrug is a great way to keep any bride warm. You can wear it on top of your dress the whole time and it wouldn’t look off or out of place, especially if you choose something elegant and fancy that would really go well with your dress.

faux fur shrug knitted bridal shrug royal wedding dress and shrug fluffy shrug and wedding dress

  • Get polished with a blazer – if you want to add a bit more of a polished, textured look to your wedding day look, you can always top off your wedding dress with a crisp blazer. This will also give you that much needed warmth you need to get through the ceremony comfortably. It’s not very traditional but for the modern women of the world, it sure makes a great option.

chic white blazer and dress white blazer and wedding dress blazer fall wedding dress

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