How to Add a Stylish 80s Touch to Your Look

Bringing back the 80s can be a tricky trend to pull off; but do it nicely and the rewards are tremendous. Let’s get real, though: not everyone can pull off even just the slightest touch of 80s to their look. Some ladies look a lot better with more contemporary looks while others find it easy to pull off a major throwback. If you’re interested in trying it out, though, check out these tips on how to add a stylish 80s touch to your look.


  1. Try shoulder pads – if you’re looking for a very subtle way to inject the 80s in your outfit, try wearing shoulder pads with your tops. You can sew them in if you’re feeling adventurous and feel like you can live with the statement or your can fasten it on with velcro stickies. Keep the outfit looking fresh and fab by wearing all other parts of it with modern cuts.shoulder pad top and shorts
    shoulder padded oversized coat
  2. Denim jackets with statement patches – decorative patches are quickly becoming a trend these days and if you’re thinking of adding a touch of 80s to your look, there’s no better time to do it than now. Take an old denim jacket, sew in some statement patches and you have yourself a fabulous throwback to one of the most playful periods in fashion ever.denim jacket 80s outfit denim jacket with custom patches
  3. White shoes with chunky heels – another really great way to infuse some fun and funky 80s vibe to any outfit is to finish off the look with white shoes complete with chunky heels. Platform wedges are okay, but anything that resembles gogo boots from the time period are your best bet.chunky white heels outfit chunky white heels swag outfit
  4. Shiny fabric – for a simple but can’t-be-missed 80s look, an outfit with any kind of shiny fabric in it is a great idea. Metallic skirts, gold lamé jackets, sequined shorts — these are all great ways to add something shiny to your 80s inspired look. Of course, you’ll have to be careful and make sure you don’t go over the top with this one to avoid looking too dated.shiny silver metallic skirt sequin top with overalls
  5. Major ruffles – we haven’t seen ruffles around quite as much as we’d like to these past few months and we think it’s about time to give this trend from the 80s the comeback that it deserves. Ruffles are fun and flirty and they’re amazing if you want to add a nice touch of the 80s into your look. Go overboard with oversized ruffled for the ultimate statement of opt for something simpler and less bold by wearing smaller ones.ruffled sleeves modern chic ruffles and mirrored sunnies from the 80s


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