How to Achieve the British It-Girl Style

Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, and Naomi Campbell – what do these girls have in common? Their British it-girl styles, of course. If you want to parade around town like these foxy ladies, then make sure to follow these tips on how to achieve the British it-girl style.

Seek the Unique

Nobody embodies the British it-girl style more than Kate Moss. Even with her short stature, the supermodel knows how to amp up her fashion game with unique, iconic attires. Get the model’s unique look by going for over-the-top prints, items, and everything else in between. If you want to achieve Kate’s British it-girl style, know that you have to go big or go home!

kate moss outfit

kate moss attier

All that Glitters is Gold

Naomi Campbell might be renowned for her not-so-ladylike ways, but everybody knows one thing for sure: she embodies the flair of the popular British it-girl style. Razzle and dazzle like the model by going for sparkly, shimmery get-ups. After all, fashion is all about standing out of the crowd – just like what Naomi does ever so effortlessly.

naomi campbell naomi gold outfit

Divine in Denim

British it-girl styles are usually over-the-top, but that is not the case with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The square-faced model has shown the world that denim is the answer to everything. Be it pants or a jean jacket, denim seems to be Rosie’s answer to every fashion conundrum.

rosie whiteley rosie denim jacket

Go Back in Time

While British it-girl styles are all about celebrating the newest trends, they’re all about remembering the fashion victories of yesterday as well. Supportive of the #throwbackthursday get-ups is model Alexa Chung, who is often seen in vintage button-down skirts, peter pan collar dresses, Mary Jane flats, and what not.

alexa chung outfit alexa vintage outfit

Unleash your Inner Man

Menswear-inspired outfits are very popular today, and it might be attributed to the boyish British it-girl style of Cara Delevingne. Despite having a very sexy body, the model-actress prefers to be garbed in boyish outfits. Get this trendy Brit’s fashion sense by wearing varsity jackets, tailored suits, and sneakers, among many other ‘manly’ items.

cara delevingne cara boyish outfit

Girl Power!

While menswear-inspired fashion is one of the trends you should try out, the opposite end of the spectrum – namely feminine fashion – is something you should consider as well. This is apparent in many British it-girl styles, especially that of actress Emma Watson. Look as prim and proper as the Ivy Leaguer by wearing tailored items, regal dresses, and sleek stiletto pumps, to name a few.

emma watson outfit emma watson getup

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