Helpful Tips on Choosing Necklaces

An easy way to beautify a casual top or dress is with a necklace. But before you go shopping for a new necklace, know that there are several factors that you need to consider. Get the best accessory for your look by minding these tips on buying necklaces.

Know the Types

Before you get started on your shopping expedition, you should be mindful of the different types of necklaces:

    • Choker – Also known as chain or strand, it measures anywhere from 14 to 16 inches.

choker necklace

    • Princess – At 18 inches, it is at the level of the collarbone.

princess necklace

    • Matinee – This necklace length ranges from 20 to 24 inches. The 20-inch necklace is ideal for placing lockets and pendants.

matinee necklace

    • Opera – A necklace measuring 30 inches, the end is located below the bust.

opera necklace

    • Lariat – A necklace with a length of 36 inches. Lariats without clasps are known as Ropes.

lariat necklace

Mind Your Height

When it comes to picking necklaces, you should consider your height into the buying equation.

If you have a petite frame (below 5’4”) chokers, princess and matinee necklaces (at 20 inches) are the best choices for you. Wear any of these pieces over a V-neck dress or top to create an illusion of height.

choker for petite lady

If your height ranges from 5’4” to 5’7”, you are in luck as any type of necklace will look good on you.

beautiful embellished necklace

If your height goes beyond 5’7”, avoid chokers and other short-style necklaces. Longer necklaces are better as they can complement your height.

long necklace for tall ladies

Ponder on your Body Type

Your body type should also influence your necklace shopping decisions. If you have a column body type, choose matinee necklaces as they can draw attention to your chest.

matinee necklace for banana shape women

However, if you are not endowed with a healthy bust, you are better off with longer necklaces.

long necklace for banana shape women

If you are a full-figured lady with a pear or apple body shape, a princess necklace is your best choice.

princess necklace with pearls

Shopping necklaces is not just about choosing the style that tickles your fancy. For the best look, make sure to consider your height and body type.


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