Guidelines to Keeping Classics When Cleaning Out Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet is beneficial for making room for new things, taking inventory of what you might have forgotten you have, and feeling emotionally lighter. Since a well-edited closet streamlines the getting ready process and your options of what to wear, keep on reading for our guidelines to keeping classics when cleaning out your closet.

Start by discarding the items that no longer fit you.


corset-top-with-cape-and-white-jeans sweater-with-brocade-shorts

When you’re cleaning out your closet, take out sections of clothing at a time to really consider each piece and its place in your wardrobe. Whether shopping your own closet or trying on long-forgotten items, examining your closet well will help you to know which pieces should stay or go. Remember, your body changes over time, so you might see pieces that no longer fit you that you have to discard. Also, anything you haven’t worn in the last year must be discarded as well. This way, it’ll be easier for you which classic items you should keep.

Only keep the items that reflect your personal style.

pink-sweater-with-classic-pumps-and-white-culottes printed-blouse-with-cut-off-shorts-and-tall-boots leather-skirt-with-structured-vest-and-over-the-knee-boots

Anything that doesn’t reflect your personal style anymore should be discarded. Remember, we are always evolving. Just because that dress is in perfectly good shape and you wore it every other day a few years ago, if it doesn’t feel like you right now don’t let it hold you back any longer.

Keep the classics that get better with age.

denim-jeans-with-quirky-coat leather-jacket-with-bohemian-maxi-dress

Regardless of your style and personality, there are still classic pieces that get better with age that you might want to keep. Some of them are real leather ensembles, classic designer items, and high-quality denim. In case you didn’t get the memo, genuine leather gets better with age. That handbag, that jacket, those boots, and leather skirts, better keep them. Also, some classic designer items should stay whether or not we have used them in the last year or two. If you’ve got a lot of high-quality denim, remember that fashion is cyclical so you may want bell bottoms or jacket that you’re so over right now in a few years.

Keep those high-quality basics that can last a lifetime.

tweed-blazer-with-full-skirt shirtdress-with-eccentric-belt-and-winged-sandals gray-pants-with-plum-sweater

Tailored jackets can make your casual outfits polished. Think trench coat, chic blazer, pea coat, dress coat, wool coat and such that should stay as long as it fits you well. Also, high quality basics like tanks and tees that have kept their color and shape over years of wear and wash should stay. You can always refresh your classic shirtdress with your shoes and belt like fashion blogger Janni Deler did, so you don’t have to think they’re already outdated for you. Also, you can continue re-wearing dresses with classic hemlines for interviews, work or networking events.

By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to keep those classics that will serve you for a lifetime.

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