Guide to Festive Attire this Holiday Season

Though festive attire historically means “stress out immediately,” these modern times it can be more formal or more casual depending on the occasion. Festive attire takes interpretation and extra sartorial attention. If you’re thinking of Santa socks, ugly sweaters, or bells and whistles, you might want to check the rules of a holiday dress code first.

Peek at the invite.

festive cocktail dress

classy silver lace dress with clutch yellow sweater with blue skirt and color blocked sandals

These modern e-vite filled times, festive attire can be similar to cocktail attire with holiday flair. This could mean sequins, a red dress, and statement jewelry. To make things clear, you have to peek at the invite. Once you’ve removed the invitation from its envelope or opened it in your inbox, think if the invitation came from a friend who loves to throw over-the-top dinner parties, or just from an old college roommate who hasn’t changed a bit. If it says it’s a cocktail party, try a dress with the sparkle of a metallic print or even embellishments like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim wore. However, if it’s an office holiday party, keep everything decent yet festive in your colors and embellishments.

Skip your little black dress and go for a holiday palette.

band jacket with red skirt collared top with green sweater and yellow skirtred lace peplum top with midi skirt

If the only thing that comes to mind when you think “festive attire” is a little black dress, think again. The holidays are the perfect time of year to experiment with bold, rich colors like red, cobalt blue, emerald green and such. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you can look classy at the same time festive with a red lace outfit with heels. Or, go for color blocked outfit of a sweater and skirt in more casual settings.

Reach for your sparkles.

metallic gold sequin dress with red pumpssequin top with high waist skirt and boots sequined black pants with red blazer

Remember, holidays are the season of glitter and sequins. Since this is really the only time of year when excessive sparkle is both appropriate and encouraged, go for over-the-top sequins and statement jewelry galore. If you’re heading to a casual holiday party or just chilling out with friends, dress up your basics with sequined skirt, sequined pants, and even sequin blazers. Remember, your friends already love you, so there’s no need to show up in full festive attire.

Be fearlessly festive.

festive party outfitsea-inspired party outfit cobalt blue tank top with graphic print skirt

Unless you’re certain it’s a formal affair, there’s nothing more fun than wearing your favorite graphic print, or even costume-y outfits. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, think of wearing your stained-glass inspired print skirt with your festive tank top to add some personality to your looks. Or, go for a statement-making theme on your outfits. It’s just fine to drop all style rules to have a little fun for the holidays. Just commit and make your style creativity flowing. By heeding our guidelines, you’ll be able to and get in the holiday spirit.

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