Get an Urban-Meets-Bohemian Style with Ania Boniecka

If you live in the big city, an urban look might not be new to you as wearing structured coats, leather jackets, skinny trousers, and boots are a must to look polished yet effortless on your everyday style. If you wish to channel your 70s vibe with a carefree bohemian look, think of incorporating the style into your urban looks to make everything current and balanced. Ania Boniecka is a fashion blogger known for her urban-meets-bohemian style that might inspire your everyday looks. To strike a balance between the two bold looks, keep on reading on Ania’s tricks.

Start small by incorporating bohemian-inspired accessories to your urban outfits.

graphic print coat with boho chic outfit

zipped skirt with boxy top and floppy hat hat with boho chic collared dress

If you feel like 70s fashion outdated for a city-girl look, start by incorporating bohemian-inspired accessories to your urban outfits. Bohemian hat, cowgirl belts, ankle boots, fringed bags, tasseled bags, bandana scarves, and chokers are some of the accessories that can add some flair to your outfits. Like Ania, think of completing your urban black-and-gray outfit with a bohemian hat and a fringed bag that will look differently compared to wearing them with a structured bag and a pair of classic pumps. This way, you can incorporate the 70s flair to your style without making it obsolete on your modern look.

Play with suede and denim fabrics.

denim tank top and jeans with choker suede coat and tall boots with denim skirt structured suede shirtdress with boots

For your casual weekend style, think of completing your denim-on-denim outfit with a choker and combat boots. Like Ania, you may even wear a denim skirt with your suede coat and over the knee boots that show the mix of urban and bohemian style perfectly. Also, going for earthy shades of camel, rust, red-orange, mustard teamed with urban palette will do the trick.

Mix a streamlined silhouette with a bohemian.

flared pants with modern blazer and white top long gray coat with all black urban outfit flared trousers with classic coat and shawl

Leather may scream urban, yet denim can give you that city girl look and a bohemian one when you style it right. Instead of opting for a pair of skinny jeans, think of flared denim jeans that will look balanced with a structured coat like Ania did. Or, make your creative office outfit more fashionable by wearing a structured blazer with a pair of loose flared pants, giving you that bohemian style in a modern way. If you’re not a fan of bohemian silhouette that looks carefree, think of going for urban pieces like a structured coat in an oversized style or a floor length hemline that will still give the look you’re aiming for.

Layer your urban ensembles in a bohemian way.

urban boho outfit with skinny scarf oversized camel coat with urban outfit draped skirt with hippie top

When aiming for an urban-meets-bohemian style, limit your layering pieces to urban items with good structures and streamlined cuts. This way, you’ll avoid looking sloppy on your city look. Like Ania, think of layering your urban ensembles in a bohemian way by wearing your structured vest and coat with culottes styled by a skinny scarf. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to get that urban-meets-bohemian style effortlessly.

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