Get a Vintage Style This Fall with Jane Aldridge

The vintage style is one of the after-sought looks this fall season, and wearing them will make your looks more stylish and voguish. Vintage clothing is generally acknowledged as any clothing or accessory that was made in the 1980’s or earlier. Mind behind the Sea of Shoes blog, Jane Aldridge is a Texan fashion blogger known for her vintage style that shows the design of the past and fashion style history. Whether you wish to wear vintage modernly or you’re a fan of a particular era, keep on reading to scoop some stylish tricks from Jane.

  1. Choose vintage ensembles from a variety of eras.

chic vintage dress with tote bag

vintage peasant dress vintage outfit with scarf

Though it may be usual to gravitate towards one particular era, try mixing up your style with a variety of clothing periods as wearing vintage pieces that are all from the same era can make it look like you are in costume. However, if you’re new to vintage style, stay away from ensembles in the 70’s and 80’s such as pantsuits, leg warmers, shoulder pads, frilly and lacy tops, and tunics with leggings as these are still recent enough to look out of fashion if worn incorrectly. Like Jane, you may go for peasant dresses, puff-sleeved dresses, and such to make a vintage statement. You may also explore the 1900’s look that was known for voluminous lace gowns, corsets, and collared tops as well as 1920’s style that was famous for flapper dresses, and slip dresses. The 1940’s are known for cigarette-style pants, pastel sweaters, and halter tops while the 1960’s were known for bringing bell bottom jeans, paisley shirts, and peace signs into fashion.

  1. Add some flair to your fall outfits with vintage jewelry and accessories.

vintage boots with fall outfit vintage robe dress with earthy bangles vintage cross neclace with casual outfit

Jewelry almost never goes out of style, so you can wear pieces of vintage jewelry without anyone knowing the difference. Like Jane, you may stick to your favorite jeans and white top but wear a vintage necklace to change up your look. Just go for statement necklaces, bold bangles, and clip-on earrings that look vintage-inspired. Also, you may go for beaded fascinators that were known in the 1920s as well as wide-brimmed hats and fur collars that were popular in 1930s, which will make your fall outfits stylish. Dressing in vintage doesn’t always have to be big pieces as you can wear a vintage scarf or piece of jewelry with an entirely modern outfit if you want.

  1. Opt for vintage-inspired prints that can make your fall style interesting.

checkered vintage dress with thong sandals vintage skirt with pink crop top colorful vintage outfit with tribal necklace

Since the vintage fashion is making a comeback, feel free to don your paisley skirts, retro floral dresses, gingham shirtdresses, colorful blazers and such like Jane did. This way, you’ll add some personality to your fall outfits while channeling your love for the vintage fashion.

  1. Mix and match vintage with modern.

vintage top with gray skinny jeans and architectural heels red coat with quirky sandals orange leather vest with crop jeans and lace up boots

Although some women can pull off an entirely vintage outfit, in order to keep your look chic rather than costumey, mix your vintage piece with a modern one. Like Jane, you may wear a vintage top and a vintage belt together, but throw on a pair of skinny jeans and architectural shoes to balance your looks. If you’re wearing a vintage dress, top it with a modern coat to balance your outfit. When you get more comfortable in vintage, you may want to add more and more of it to your ensembles so you’ll make your fall style more expressive and stylish.

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