Get a Grunge-Chic Style This Fall with Emilija Vaišnoraitė

Grunge may look edgy and chic depending on how you’re going to style it, but it’s one of the most expressive looks you may go for this fall season. Mind behind the Fashionwhit blog, Emilija Vaišnoraitė is a fashion blogger from Lithuania known for her grunge-chic style that might inspire your fall looks. Her country has gothic, renaissance, and baroque architecture, that might influenced her style as she sometimes drawn to Baroque style clothes showing the contrast of modern and antique in grunge and luxury themed styles.

Add some grunge vibe to your chic outfits with creepers and doc Martens.


doc-marten-boots-with-chic-fall-outfit creepers-with-fur-coat-and-casual-outfit

If a grunge style feels daunting for you, simply dress down your fall outfits with creepers or Doc Marten boots to add a grunge vibe to your looks. Creepers are thick-soled shoes with a somewhat geeky, androgynous appearance that were named for their chunky crepe-rubber soles that make no sound. Like Emilija, think of a pair of creepers that can make your retro floral skirts, corset tops, cut-off shorts, button-down shirt and other outfits grunge-inspired. Though black is common for grunge creepers, it now features an array of patterns and styles in bold colors or fun and festive prints that can add some personality to your street style.

Layer your necklaces in a grunge style.

gold-chain-necklace-with-leather-jacket-and-embroidered-shorts leggings-with-draped-white-top-and-layered-gold-necklaces-with-head-scarf layered-necklaces-with-blue-dress-and-fur-coat

If you find creepers and Doc Marten boots unattractive, better wear the grunge look through layering your necklaces. Though you may go for punk and rock-chic styles of necklaces, you can still opt for gold chains, chunky necklaces, and jeweled ones to keep everything chic. Like Emilija, you may opt for leggings and draped white top that can be worn with layered necklaces, a silk headscarf, and gravity shoes for a grunge-chic statement.

Wear black tights with your grunge-chic dresses.

grunge-chic-dress-with-black-tights-and-beanies high-low-retro-floral-dress-with-black-tights baroque-print-dress-with-tights-and-creepers

Retro floral dresses, bohemian dresses, little black dress, and even baroque print dresses can look grunge-inspired when worn with black tights. Darker colors of dresses like black, burgundy, maroon, plum, navy, gray and such look edgy, which you can go for to create a grunge-inspired look. Like Emilija, you may even go for a sequined black dress and make it grunge-inspired by wearing knitted beanie, black tights, and leather boots with it.

Layer your fall clothes in grunge way.

baroque-print-sweater-with-fall-outfit-and-oxfords graphic-leggings-with-slouchy-sweater collared-velvet-dress-with-leather-jacket-and-creepers

Since fall season is all about wearing layers, wear your fall clothes in a grunge way. Like Emilija, think of wearing a slouchy sweater with your graphic leggings and collared top, or a leather jacket with your collared velvet dress. To make it chic, think of embroidered sweaters or sweaters with metallic trims that you can layer with your collared shirts. This way, you’ll make the grunge-chic style look fashionable on you while expressing your bold personality on the streets.

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