Finding the Best Bathing Suit for your Body Type

Maybe you are fortunate enough to escape winter wonderland this Holiday. If you are headed for the tropics, then it is but important that you get a great swimming attire. Obtain the best bathing suit for your body type by following these shopping tips:

Hourglass Body Shape

If your bust measures almost similar to your hips, then you have a shapely hourglass figure. This shape is coupled with a slender waist, and is seen on prominent celebs such as Scarlett Johansson and Salma Hayek.

scarlet johansson bikini

Because of your curvy figure, you can get away with almost any bathing suit style. But if you have a hefty chest, you need the adequate bosom support given by halter and well-covered bikini halter bikini top

On the skinny side? You are indeed very lucky as you can swim your way in a sexy string bikini.

halter bikini top for hourglass figure

Rectangular Body Shape

A rectangular body lacks a well-defined waist, but such an athletic built comes with broad shoulders and proportionate hips.

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Look stunning like Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson by wearing frilly and ruffled bikinis. Floral and crochet patterns are recommended too. These details can add volume to your boyish frame.

frilly bikini top for rectangular shapefloral bikini for rectangular shape

As for the pair, go for side-tied bottoms as they can draw attention to your hips.

Triangular (Pear) Body Shape

Women such as Rihanna and Shakira are known to have triangular body shapes, where there is much prominence on the hips and thighs.

rihanna bikini

If you have flat abs, flaunt your superb tummy with a sexy bikini.

If you have a smaller chest, you can boost your bust with a halter top. Do try a bandeau top as well, as it complements triangular body shapes.

halter top for pear body shapebandeau top for pear shape

If you are conscious about your behind, wear boy shorts. You can also minimize focus by wearing a printed bikini bottom.

boy shorts for pear body shape

Inverted Triangle (Apple) Body Shape

Top-heavy: this simply summarizes the inverted triangle body shape. Ladies who have this shape – Angelina Jolie and Jessica Simpson – have large chests and tiny hips. Because of this, inverted triangle ladies can wear string bikini bottoms like it’s nobody’s business.

jessica simpson bikiniUnderwire and halter tops are perfect for this figure, as they provide ample bosom support.

underwire top for apple shape

If you wish to minimize the attention on your bountiful chest, you can do so by wearing a solid-colored top and printed bottoms.

solid top for apple shape

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