Festive Cinco de Mayo Outfit Ideas

Cinco de Mayo is coming up and I know that for some of you ladies, this is one of the merriest and most festive occasions for the year so it’s important that you celebrate this day and have fun. Aside from that, it’s important that you look good while you’re at it, too! Here are some festive Cinco de Mayo outfit ideas that might help you dress the part.

  • SOMETHING A LITTLE SEXY – Cinco de Mayo always has lots of dancing and partying so wearing something a little sexy is sure to give you that confidence boost you need to dance the day and night away. A mini dress or perhaps a crop top and shorts or skirt combo is definitely something that you can wear to a Cinco de Mayo party.

cinco de mayo

sexy outfit

  • SOMETHING COMFY – if you’re going to be partying all day and night at the Cinco de Mayo party you’re going to want to wear something really comfy. Since it is spring time and the weather isn’t as cold anymore, wear something light for the day and don’t forget to bring a light outerwear like a jacket or a cardigan for the night time.

cute dress cute cinco de mayo outfit

  • SOMETHING COLORFUL – another way to get the festive vibe of the Cinco de Mayo outfit into your look is to wear something colorful for the occasion. Party goers usually go for Mexican flag colors in their outfits but, of course, you can be colorful as a piñata if you want to. Feel free to wear as many colors as you like. Don’t worry, chances are that there will be others who’ll be wearing something more colorful than you.

colorful dress floral top outfit

  • SOMETHING MEXICAN – if you really want to get into the spirit of the Cinco de Mayo party, why not wear something Mexican? A traditional Mexican dance costume is very welcome at most Cinco de Mayo parties. If not, Mexican colors (red, white and green together in one outfit) would be super cool, too.

mexican look colorful top and white dress

  • ACCESSORIES – once you’ve decided on what to wear to the Cinco de Mayo party you’re going to, make sure you top it all off with cute and quirky accessories. A flamenco dancer’s fan, some maracas or maybe even a small Mexican flag print out is sure to tie everything in and boost the Mexican vibe of your outfit. If you want something really quirky and funny, how about a cute little fake mustache or a sombrero?

accessorized for cdm mexican outfit


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