Fashion Week Outfit Inspiration from Chiara Ferragni

Nowadays, no fashion week is complete without the presence of style bloggers and street style stars. Mind behind the Blonde Salad, Chiara Ferragni is an Italian style blogger often photographed by street style photographers as she has a knack for styling her looks with eclectic, effortless, and statement-making way. The Blonde Salad is now a genuine source of creativity and style for millions of people in Italy and around the world. Looking for inspiration on what to wear to Fashion Week or how you can make a statement at your next big event? Keep on reading to get some Chiara’s tricks.

chic beanie with red coat and black outfit

fringe boots with animal print coat lug sole shoes with statement dress military cap with edgy outfit statement boots with tweed skirt and gray top structured bag and cut out boots with fur jacket and casual outfit

To make your outfit statement-making, opt for a pair of statement boots or shoes that can be the focal point of your outfit. Wearing a pair of statement boots with your all-black tweed outfit, as well as wearing a pair of lug sole shoes with your embellished dress like Chiara did, will create stunning looks and editorial-worthy styles. Fascinators, bold colored beanies, military caps, fringe bags, and even structured clutches can be great to add some statement to your simple outfits.

architectural dress with boxy jacket architectural orange coat with jeans casual top with ruffled skirt forest green structured coat with yellow shoes ruffled top with jeans and Valentino shoes

To bring your fashion week style up a notch, then copy Chiara Ferragni’s style of wearing exaggerated ruffles, eccentric frills, and architectural styles on her outfits that will surely make the street style photographers chase you. The more unexpected, eclectic, and unconventional your style is the more you’ll look fashion-forward in the fashion week.

color blocked outfit with boots metallic pink coat with transparent bag orange dress maxi dress with strappy sandals orange ruffled lace dress pink leather outfit withpink pumps yellow coat with edgy boots

To make your style more creative, play with colors and texture like street style stars always do. For an effortless look, you may opt for color blocked pieces like a jacket or dress to eliminate contemplating on what to wear with a certain outfit. If you’re not a fan of colors, simply stick to one bold shade that looks eye-catching like an orange maxi dress, a pink leather skirt, metallic pink coat, or a yellow military-chic dress that look a bit eclectic and unconventional.

abstract print outfit camouflage print coat with boots geometric print sweater with geometric print pants ice cream print sweater with metallic gold skirt kiss print sweater with skinny pants and cut out bootsquirky print dress with sneakers

Chiara is a fan of eye-catching prints and patterns that makes her street style a bit unique and with a touch of personality among other street style starts at fashion week. Like her, don’t be afraid of quirky and novelty prints that can be found on sweaters, coats, and dresses to add some playful vibe to your fashion week outfit. She is sometimes spotted in an ice cream print sweater with a metallic gold skirt that looks a bit quirky, then in a camouflage print coat that looks military-inspired and edgy the next day. So, be unpredictable on wearing your prints and patterns to create a fashion week outfit that turns heads.

eclectic band outfit with hat eclectic outfit with geometric pumps festive outfit with porkpie hat lace outfit with a chic hat and scarf military outfit with brooches and oxfords royal inspired outfit forest green nature-inspired dress with edgy boots

When deciding on what to wear on the fashion week, always have a definite concept or theme you’ll like to wear with your clothes. Whether you’re seeking a festive outfit, military outfit, royal-inspired outfit, Greek goddess outfit, or even a nature-inspired outfit, go for a style that defines your personality and great sense of style that will stand out from the crowd.

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