Fashion Tricks to Conceal Muffin Top

Avoiding “muffin top” or bulging of excess fats in the midsection is one of the most common challenges among women. It can be a characteristic of your shape, but it can also be a consequence of wearing too tight clothes resulting to unsightly fit. If you wish to flatten out our body lumps and bumps, but you’re not a fan of shapewear, keep on reading for fashion tricks to conceal muffin top in a strategic way of dressing.

high rise jeans with blouse

high rise pants with jacket high waist skirt with patterned top

To conceal your muffin top, you must go for the right fit first. Most women wear pants and skirt that are too tight for them, so all of the fat that would normally reside in their pants has bubbled over the top. Also, you may go for better styles of pants and skirts for your issue like a higher rise one to flatter your figure at the same time keeps you comfortable. Lower rises and tighter waistbands only accentuate muffin top. To avoid this, make sure that the waistband is pretty loose so that it glides over the contour of your body instead of digging into your skin. You may also choose fabrics with enough stretch for extra comfort. Most of the time, the idea is to wear tops over bottoms with higher rises, but sometimes you’ll get away with tucking a top into a high rise skirt and look quite slim.

blue dress with cute bag feminine blouse with shorts white maxi dress

For dresses and blouses, go for ones that float away from the waistline like empire cuts, fit-and-flares, banded tops, trapeze silhouettes, loose blouses, roomy tops with welts, wide waistbands, and high-low hemlines. It’s better to wear tops and dresses with a bit or a lot of volume, but that taper back in at the hips for structure. Poncho type tops are great, but they do not taper back onto the body and look a lot less structured. Remember, you’re after tops and dresses that cover the midsection, but stand away from the body to create a streamlined effect.

casual chic outfit loose sweater with jeans sweater with white denim

If you’re a fan of knitwear, stay away from clingy and tight ones as it accentuates the muffin top more. Instead, opt for tailored tops and dresses in woven fabrications as the rigidity of woven fabric smoothen out the midsection and does not cling. Look for cotton, viscose, merino wool blends in fine gauge knitwear, or even knitwear in tailored and fluid fits. Their thicker texture is less clingy than drapey jersey knit and therefore, more flattering skimming the contour of your body.

animal print blouse with pants patterned top with jeans patterned blouse with colored jeans

Patterns and thicker textured fabrics do a better job than solids of camouflaging muffin top. So, look for prints and textures that have better “camouflaging capabilities” and wear them in fluid or oversized fits. Also, you may wear them over a higher rise and looser waistband for more flattering effect.

checkered blazer with flared pants checkered blazer with skinny pants red coat with black outfit structured blazer with black outfit structured blazer with pants

You may show off your layering skills to conceal your muffin top. Wearing an unfastened tailored jacket, sweater coat, boyfriend cardigan, cardigan, or vest over a fluid under layer is an extremely effective way of creating a defined waistline without the cling. It also draws attention away from the midriff especially if you’re wearing statement-making or printed outerwear. Stand tall and be proud of your style as a good posture and confidence make all clothing look better.







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