Fashion Inspirations from Fairytales

Do you love reading and listening to fairytales? If you do, then why not add a sprinkle of ethereal magic to your wardrobe? Whoever your favorite Disney characters might be, the following fashion tips can help you channel them modishly.

Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a Disney fairytale adapted from the workings of Hans Christian Andersen. Although Ariel is often seen donning clamshell bras, it does not mean that you should flaunt your skin for this fairytale fashion. It’s just about picking clothes that mimic fish scales (in a trendy way,) such as sequined dresses or skirts.

little mermaid


Pocahontas is perhaps the easiest character to emulate. All you just need to do is wear a fringed suede skirt (or any other item) and you are good to go.



Aladdin’s love interest, Jasmine, is known for her off-shoulder crop top and harem pants. Good thing these pieces are easy to come by! All you just need to do is pick from Jasmine’s signature top or bottom.

jasmine fashion

princess jasmine


Mulan is the strong-willed Chinese woman who took the place of her father in the army. In a world dominated by men, she proved that ladies can kick ass! While a sporty Oriental outfit best describes Mulan, a delicate Oriental dress can channel her aura as well.

mulan dress


Gypsy Esmeralda of ‘The Hunchback of Notredame’ is known for frilly clothes and hoop earrings. While her outfit is easy to follow, you can break convention by playing with Esmeralda’s love for the color purple. It’s just a matter of playing the violet hue.

esmeralda fashion


Belle of Beauty and the Beast is a true stunner in her yellow gown. If you want to follow her style, you need not necessarily strut the street in a yellow gown. It’s a matter of choosing this color for your casual chic outfits.

belle belle fashion

Snow White

Snow White is the ultimate example of marrying colors. Her blue and yellow ensemble is something that should inspire you, especially if you want a splash of color in your wardrobe.

snow white fashion

Red Riding Hood

Look sophisticated in the cold weather by channeling the mod style of Red Riding Hood. A red cape is a stunner by itself, although you can capture the look by adding red accents under a neutral-colored cape.

red riding hood2

red riding hood

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