Fashion Advice and Tips – straight from J. Lo!

Jennifer Lopez – or J.Lo to most – is the epitome of perfection. She is a celebrated singer, dancer, and actress – and a mother to good-looking twins. As if those are not enough, she is a certified style icon as well. Fortunately, you can borrow the Latina diva’s look simply by following these fashion advices and tips – straight from J.Lo herself!

Monochrome is Marvelous

While other people veer away from monochrome, J.Lo welcomes it with open arms. For the award-winning singer, a monochrome outfit can make her feel ‘effortless and chic.’ She even adds that with the right accessories, you can look muy excellente in no time.

jlo monochrome outfit

monochrome outfits monochrome outfit

Be Modern in Black

J.Lo admits her distaste for black when she was younger. But now that she’s more mature, she has recognized the classic vibe of black pieces. In fact, she views her ebony attires as “modern.”

jlo black black outfit

Look as modern as Ms. Lopez by updating your black wardrobe with stylish accessories, vibrant shoes, even a printed clutch! black outfit black outfit and printed scarf

Pop Out in Color

Although J.Lo adores black, she stays true to her imaginative side. In fact, the Latina singer is often seen in flamboyant outfits. To get J.Lo’s classic yet colorful look, wear your vibrant pieces with toned-down items, as seen below.

jlo pink dress orange and cobalt clothes yellow skirt

Be Balanced when Dressing Sexy

J.Lo is known for her sexy, skin-baring outfits. Although she loves skimpy skirts and low-cut gowns, J.Lo believes in balance. She goes:

“If it’s too short, you don’t want to be showing a bunch of cleavage. If it’s long, then you want super tight. You want it to be sexy but classy.”

jlo sexy jumpsuitjlo sexy shorts

True to J.Lo’s words, the key to looking sexy but not skanky is to mind balance. Showing some skin is good, showing most of your nether regions is a different story.

low cut top short black dress

If You Feel Good, You’ll Look Good

While J.Lo doesn’t have a fixed set of rules for fashion, she believes in this: when you feel good, you will look good.

To get J.Lo’s confident fashion style, remember the musician’s empowering words:

“I just do what feels good and when it’s all together, it works!”

j lo fashion

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