Fall Classics We’ve Been Waiting to Wear

Now that summer is officially over, we can finally fully update our wardrobes and wear the fall classics we’ve been waiting to wear all year long. Fall may not be the best season to get all glitzy-glammy and sexy since we’d have to be bundled up and all to keep warm but you gotta admit: there’s just something about fall and fall fashion that makes us look forward to this season. It could be the dark, sexy and vampy colors, it could be the comfort of wearing warmer fabrics or it could just be that we miss layering like there’s no tomorrow. Whatever it is that you like about fall and fall fashion, you have to check out these fall classics that everyone looks forward to wearing every time.

  • Tartan and plaid – checkered prints have always been a fall staple but one of the members of the checkered family, gingham, is rather summer-y to many which is probably why it’s not nearly as ‘missed’ as tartan and plaid which are the checkered prints that are more strictly worn during fall.

checekered dress

checkered miniskirt outfit checkered scarf

  • Boots – ankle boots may have ruled the streets and runways of summer but there’s no denying that any other kind of boots is pretty much a no-no during summer (even spring, depending on where you live), especially if you tend to get sweaty feet (TMI, I know, but let’s get real). If you’ve been waiting all year to rock those heavy moto boots or those slinky, sexy knee high boots, now is the time! Bust out every boot you’ve stashed away and start keeping your flip flops and sandals!

high cut boots leather wedge boots brown fall boots

  • Fur – whether it’s a fur-trimmed piece or an item covered in overall fur, now is the perfect time to start wearing it. Fur in spring and summer just never looked (nor felt) right which is why you had to wait for fall to garb yourself up in it so now that fall is finally here, what are you waiting for?

fall fur gilet immaculate white fur posh fur vest

  • Chunky knits – knitwear is considered a cold weather staple but lighter knits can be worn during the early days of spring. They’re not as cute and cozy as chunky knits, though, which are very appropriate for fall and even during winter. If you have a knack for knitting (it’s not just for grannies, you know), you may have already started on that cable knit sweater so finish up and sport that gorgeous piece already! If not, you can always buy your chunky knitwear.

gorgeous green sweater sweater and skirt fall outfit chunky knit scarf

  • Trench coat – ah, at last! You can wear that fab trench coat and feel oh-so-posh again! I personally love wearing trench coats during fall and winter because it never fails to add an air of sophistication to any look, no matter how simple your outfit underneath it is.

lea michele bright trench coat classy blue trench coat gray trench coat

  • Tweed – running out of new looks to pull off for your office outfit? Well, now that it’s fall time, you can bust out those tweed suits you’ve been waiting for forever to wear and sport them at the workplace again. They’re warm, they’re chic and they just have that ‘lady boss’ aura all over it, perfect for the office!

tweed jacket tweed skirt and silk shirt tweed vest

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