Fabulous Ways to Wear the Kimono Trend

Kimonos are all the rage these days and they’re everywhere! It’s a very easy piece to wear and styling it is just as easy. You can take just about any outfit and top it off with a kimono without having to worry about whether it will actually look good or not. What I like about the kimono is that it’s so effortlessly chic, you don’t really have to do much to it to make it stand out. It’s an understated statement (if that makes sense) that you can wear anytime you feel like your outfit needs a subtle but powerful oomph. Kimonos are great for adding that subtle glam to your look. If you’re still wondering how you can rock one, check out these fabulous ways to wear the kimono trend.

  • With a simple outfit – let’s start with the basics, shall we? One of the easiest ways to wear the kimono trend is to simply wear it on top of a plain and simple outfit that needs some sprucing up like a t-shirt and jeans combo. Adding a kimono is a surefire way to add some personality to such a generic looking outfit. This is perfect on days when you don’t have much time to plan a whole outfit but you still want to look stylish and fab.

chevron kimono and jeans

black and white plain outfit

  • Asian – Western fusion – we all know that the Kimono trend is inspired by Japan’s traditional costume and while kimonos are a pretty piece all on their own, adding a bit of a Western flare to this Asian-inspired beauty creates such a wonderful outcome. To get the look, choose to wear your kimono with fringes. Not only will it give your kimono a Western touch, it also makes it oh-so-perfect for summer. Fringed kimonos are perfect for everyday wear. They’re great for casual and street style looks but you can definitely wear them to dress down dressy outfits as well.

lacey white fringed kimono pink fringed kimono

  • With a dress – sometimes you want to wear a dress so you can look cute and chic but then wearing just the dress turns out to be too simple. Now, if it was fall or winter it would be so easy to layer up but what if it’s summer? Layering isn’t always ideal during warm days unless you use something light like a kimono. Most kimonos are made from sheer and light fabric so they’re perfect to wear on top of dresses if you ever need to jazz one up.

kimono and dress white dress and floral kimono

  • Beach cover up – another really cool and sexy way to rock the kimono trend is to wear it as a bikini cover up for the beach. Kimonos make perfect bikini cover ups because they’re super light, flowy and breezy they won’t make you sweat. Wear it on top of your swimsuit when you don’t feel like actually taking a dip and you just want to lounge around. It’s effortlessly sexy and super comfy too!

kimono beach cover up white mini kimono cover up

  • Festival style – festival bound this summer Coachella may be over but there are lots more places and events where you can festival style clothing. One of the most popular looks you can create with a kimono is festival style denim shorts, a basic top and a kimono. This look is super fun and hip.

simple and basic outfit shorts and kimonokimono trend

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